Security guard kicks homeless man in Westminster forcing politician to step in

A homeless man begging outside a pub in Westminster was kicked by a security guard who forced him to leave the area.

The assault took place at the Red Lion pub when a security guard contracted by Fuller's brewery came around and told the man to move on.

As he walked away from the boozer, he was booted by a man wearing a high visibility jacket.

Essex County Council Councillor Stephen Canning, who was drinking with his friends, filmed the moment of attack and chased after the pair.

He tried to help the homeless man and resolve the dispute between the two.

One of them said: "The homeless man was just begging at the Red Lion by Parliament, when their private security kicked and attacked him."

Mr Canning later posted the clip to Facebook and explained: "When the security guard chased the homeless man I ran after them and put myself between them both; the police arrived but the homeless man left as he was scared, understandably.

"Therefore the police told us they can't charge the security guard as there was no victim."

The video has drawn comments praising Mr Canning and his friends' brave act.

Nikki Moore wrote: "So nice to see the caring general public running to help."

Steve Kirby suggested to contact management with the video as proof and ask for their response.

A spokesperson for Fuller's said: "When the video was brought to our attention, we made immediate contact with the security company and they are conducting a thorough investigation."

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