See Ethan Hawke in exclusive Stockholm trailer

“Stockholm syndrome”: It’s a phrase you’ve surely heard before to refer to captives developing irrational sympathy for their captors. Now Ethan Hawke is starring in a film based on the 1973 Swedish bank robbery that inspired the phrase, and EW can exclusively premiere the first trailer.

Written and directed by Robert Budreau, Stockholm stars Hawke as Lars Nystrom, who disguises himself as an arrogant American in order to rob Stockholm’s Kreitbank. He takes hostages in order to get his friend Gunnar (Mark Strong) released from prison, as well as a couple other demands: $1 million and “a Mustang 302 like Steve McQueen had in Bullitt.” The Swedish government won’t let him leave the bank with hostages, but as seen in the trailer, the hostages — including Bianca (Noomi Rapace), a wife and mother of two — also grow worried about the potential for violence in a police intervention, especially when they start feeling comfortable with Lars, who seems determined not to hurt them unnecessarily.

Hawke’s musical skills, last seen in Juliet, Naked, will also play a role in the film. The trailer is soundtracked by a Bob Dylan song, and Lars sings multiple Dylan songs over the course of the movie. Along with his Alamo jacket and desire for a Bullitt car, it’s another sign of his yearning for Americana.

Watch the first Stockholm trailer above.

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