Selena Gomez Just Reacted to Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's Lightning Speed Engagement

Everyone on the internet is thinking about/talking about/speculating about/panicking about what Selena Gomez must think of her recent ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin.

And for what it’s worth, so far Selena’s reacted to this news by looking unbothered on a boat and wearing a statement t-shirt.

And while it’s unlikely she’ll directly speak out about Biebs and Hailey (she has better things to do than worry about her ex, amirite?), she did chat about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s similarly lightning-fast engagement. So feel free to go ahead and read into it.

Sel’s comments came about because she was asked about what her Hotel Transylvania character Mavis would think of Pete and Ari’s engagement (LOLOLOLOL). Her response?

Hear that, world? Amazing and beautiful. Which means Selena has no problem with a quick engagement, and also kinda-maybe-sorta means she doesn’t think Hailey and Justin’s engagement was too fast? Who knows! But maybe!

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