Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler Warns Of Brain Chip Implants And Apocalyptic Floods By 2030

The man called Noah predicts California and Florida will be entirely submerged as global warming finally becomes a reality.

The same self-proclaimed time traveler who claims to know who will replace Donald Trump as president, per a previous Inquisitr report, has warned that in another 12 years a certain country will try to implement brain chips into as many people as possible, and the USA will be ravaged by apocalyptic floods.

The Express reports that the man simply known as Noah claims that the Philippines will try to give everyone brain chips in 2030.

It’s a shocking claim but then again so is claiming to be from the future. With his face blurred and his voice distorted, Noah discusses his prediction on YouTube channel ApexTV.

According to Noah, 2030 is the point when the Philippines begin to introduce brain chip implements. Apparently, people are not obliged to get the chip.

Noah said, “You can obviously say ‘no’ to this and they won’t give it to you at all. But they’re trying to give it to as many people as humanly possible.”

Although the idea of a brain chip is loaded with negative connotations, Noah insists the new technology is Heaven sent and will improve society tenfold.

“It helps so much! One big reason is if you were ever rushed to the hospital, they could easily find all the information on you and it has saved so many lives, like in the millions.”

On a less brighter note, especially if you’re an American, Noah has predicted that apocalyptic flooding will hit the U.S. by 2030. He said it’ll be so bad that California and Florida will be completely underwater.

Noah has called the “great flood” a devastating impact of climate change and said that “anything by water is completely flooded.”

Noah explained, “I am not joking. This is not a giant lie – I really am a time traveler. In America, anything by water is completely flooded. Obviously, it’s shocking. Florida is nothing now, California, too. This is a new age, in 2030, the United States is no longer how it is now.

“If you live by the coast, be ready. People believe constantly global warming isn’t real – but it just ends up happening. There are no irreversible steps – it just happens.”

Noah’s predictions haven’t gone down well with a number of YouTube users. One argued, “2030 is only 11 years away. This guy talks like it’s 100 years from now.

“Is life really all that much different in 2018 than it was in 2007? Other than improved technology nothing has changed that much. So why would 2030 be that much different from today?”

Yet another added, “Wouldn’t the ocean rise all around and not just the east and west coast?”

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