Seth Meyers Shreds Trump Over Scandals: ‘Drain The Swamp’ Is Now Devoid Of All Meaning

Donald Trump vowed during the 2016 election campaign that he would “drain the swamp.” On Monday’s broadcast of “Late Night,” host Seth Meyers checked in on the president’s purported efforts to reduce outside influence In Washington.

And he wasn’t enamored with what he found.

“I’m sorry but after all your scandals, the phrase ‘drain the swamp’ is now devoid of all meaning. You might as well chant ‘We Like Ike’ or ‘Brooklyn Dodgers,’” joked Meyers.

“Trump’s cabinet has had one corruption scandal after another and his personal fixer is literally selling personal access to the president,” Meyers added, referencing the Michael Cohen controversy. “Trump didn’t drain the swamp. He bottled it and sold it as Dr. Trump’s Miracle Healing Elixir.” 

Check out the clip above.

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