‘Sex-mad girlfriend treats me like dirt – yet demands orgasms twice a day’

My girlfriend speaks to me like I’m dirt but still expects a full and exciting love life.

In daily life she’s rude, abrupt and intolerant. I’m constantly told that I’m useless and stupid.

Even in front of friends and family, I’m put down and humiliated.

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Yet the minute we get into the bedroom she demands fireworks.

She’s highly sexed and craves orgasms at least twice a day.

I’m finding it increasingly hard to satisfy her when she clearly hates the sight of me.

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JANE SAYS: Your girlfriend may consider herself very sassy and clever but she’s in serious danger of pushing you away.

How dare she speak rudely and then demand anything at all?

Sit her down and make it clear that you don’t need this and won’t tolerate another minute of her ego.

Does she wish to start again on a new footing or do you have to walk out of the door?

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I fear that unless you confront her, then she’ll never really respect you.

If you carry on like this, then not only will you resent her, but you’ll end up hating yourself – and that won’t be healthy or right.

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