‘Shameless’ Recap: Lip Makes A Heartbreaking Sacrifice

Happy 100th episode, ‘Shameless!’ The show celebrated the incredible milestone with an equally hilarious and emotional episode. Let’s dive in!

Can you believe there’s been 100 episodes of Shameless? This cast has evolved so much before our very eyes. Most of the Gallagher kids are no longer kids. Debbie is in a full-on relationship with Alexandra, who wants Debbie to move in. Because Debbie is the queen of rash decisions, she goes right on ahead and does just that.

Carl is still caring for the sick dogs. Ian tells him that he may want to reconsider West Point if he’s having trouble killing old dogs. That makes Carl pause for a minute. The kid he stole a recommendation from comes to the Gallagher house and punches him in the face! He then challenges Carl to a duel. Yes, a duel.

Liam’s bodyguard situation is working out pretty well, but then the teachers want to move Liam up to sixth grade! Meanwhile, the Gay Jesus movement continues to spread, and Ian’s feeling overwhelmed. His path is not so clear anymore. He ends up getting attacked by homophobes and nearly pulls his hamstring. While the Gay Jesus supporters want Ian to go to trial and not take a plea, Ian realizes there’s 10-15 years at stake if he doesn’t take the deal.

Xan’s mom comes back for her daughter, but Lip is not having it. They get into a nasty fight at the shop. Lip’s not ready to let Xan go, especially when he doesn’t know the living situation. Brad thinks Lip should consider letting Xan go back to her mom, but Lip is feeling very overprotective. Later, Lip asks Xan whether or not she wants to stay with him. She says yes. But Lip is not her mother. He needs to understand that.

While in bed with Alex, Debbie starts talking about her past sexual partners. She spooks Alex, who doesn’t want to risk falling in love with a straight girl again. Debbie believes she’s a lesbian, but Alex doesn’t think Debbie’s 100 percent sure. She may just hate men right now. She asks Debbie and Franny to move out. Well, that was quick.

Frank is still the campaign manager for Mo White, and he hires neo-Nazis to scare voters away on Election Day. The Gay Jesus supporters show up and a fight ensues. In a twist that’s eerily reminiscent of the 2016 election, Mo White pulls the ultimate upset and wins.

After getting his “homicidal mojo back,” Carl goes to face his fellow West Point hopeful at the duel. The guy winds up shooting himself because he wants to go to Sarah Lawrence and become a poet. When Carl tells the guy that he only has a flesh wound, he begs Carl to shoot him again. Carl thinks that’s absolutely insane, but when the guy starts reciting poetry, Carl snaps.

Lip sells his motorcycle to get money to pay Xan’s mom to stay away. He’s willing to give her $10,000 to relinquish parental rights and make him Xan’s legal guardian. Before Xan’s mom signs the papers, Xan shows up. She runs up to her mom. “I knew you’d come back for me,” Xan says. Lip realizes that he can’t separate Xan from her mother, so he lets her go. He drops the $10,000 for Xan and runs off. Let’s hope this sacrifice doesn’t rock Lip’s entire world.

Elsewhere on Shameless, after making some major changes, The Alibi is now the most female-friendly bar on the South Side. Fiona and Ford have a disagreement over who to vote for, but that’s pretty much all that happened on the Fiona front. Oh, and she punched a neo-Nazi.

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