Singles reveal the reasons why they REJECTED marriage proposals

‘We had been together for two weeks’: Singles reveal the reasons why they REJECTED marriage proposals

  • An online forum has revealed some of the worst marriage proposals on record
  • People have said some popped the question after partners cheated on them 
  • Others shared how refusing a dodgy proposal was the ‘best thing they’d done’

For many, a marriage proposal is a memorable and happy life event.

But this isn’t always the case, with many having uncomfortable, strange and downright awkward experiences.  

And now many of these men and women have taken to Reddit and revealed why they chose to decline a marriage proposal from their significant other.

People have taken to the online forum Reddit to share some of their worst experiences with marriage proposals (stock image)

One man took to the thread after being proposed to by a woman shortly after his wife died.  

‘My wife had passed away about two weeks before and I got a Facebook message from a woman I went to high school with telling me she has been waiting for me and is ready to move out of her parents’ house into mine,’ he wrote.

‘She also said she was ready to marry me and become my son’s new mother.’

An amused woman shared her awkward experience after her boyfriend proposed to her just two weeks into their relationship. 

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She recalled visiting her boyfriend’s home for the first time when a group of his friends arrived and started to sing with him.

‘He got down on one knee and pulled out a rather expensive looking ring from God knows where and goes “Will you marry me?” while the friends video taped it. 

The rather shocked user said she found an excuse to get something from her car and quickly drove away – and ‘blocked him right after’.

Another’s ‘unique’ proposal took place very publicly after four months of dating. 

Users commenting on the thread revealed how cheating partners had considered a marriage proposal as a way to fix a broken relationship

Others wrote they’d been proposed after just months of dating, and in very public ways

‘I was 16, he was 19. He did it at our high school graduation knowing I didn’t like to be the centre of attention,’ she wrote.   

Another woman described rejecting her ex-boyfriend’s marriage proposal as a ‘sweet moment’. 

‘My ex decided to show up at my door with a ring the same night I told him I was engaged to my current boyfriend,’ she wrote. 

‘He was the one that broke up with me in the first place, but couldn’t handle “losing me” for good to another guy. Saying no to that was a very sweet moment for me.’

While a proposal should be a momentous and memorable occasion in any couples’ life, there are times when this turns out to be awkward, difficult and devastating (stock image)

Best decision ever: One user revealed how saying no to a proposal turned out to save them from potential heartbreak 

The theme of cheating partners who’d been caught and then decided to pop the question were common too.

A scorned woman caught her boyfriend cheating with multiple women and said his solution was a proposal. 

‘His plan to salvage the relationship? Propose to me, as I’m sobbing, 10 minutes after stumbling across all the evidence. I said no,’ she wrote. 

There were also those who didn’t decline a proposal, despite having their doubts. As expected, it didn’t end well.

‘A buddy of mine proposed to his girlfriend. She said “Ugh, fine, I don’t want to be one of those girls who says no”. Eight years later they have 2 kids and are absolutely miserable,’ a user wrote.  

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