Is your skincare regime ageing you? Dermatologist reveals all

Is your skincare regime ageing you? Dermatologist reveals the biggest, most expensive mistakes people make day in, day out – and the one thing you absolutely MUST do every night

  • Dr Melanie Hartmann says that we are unintentionally damaging our skin
  • Investing in expensive products is useless unless we apply them correctly
  • Sleeping with the wrong pillow case can actually cause deep lines and wrinkles
  • Expert says we should wear SPF, wash our faces and use a cleansing brush daily

Nowadays, people the world over are in search of the holy grail that is glowing, dewy, radiant, ageless skin.

With an ever-increasing collection of products flooding the Australian beauty market, it can be tempting to fork out significant amounts of cash in an attempt to achieve the perfect complexion.

But Hamburg-based dermatologist and global Braun skincare ambassador Dr Melanie Hartmann says that shelling out large portions of our income on lotions and potions may be a waste of time.

The expert reveals that a number of common everyday mistakes could be the cause behind your dull visage, blocked pores and fine wrinkles.

Speaking to Vogue Australia, Dr Hartmann shared some daily faux pas that can seriously affect the youthfulness, brightness and elasticity of our skin. 

Have we been wasting our time? International dermatologist Dr Melanie Hartmann reveals the daily mistakes we are making that are causing serious damage to our skin

Makeup removal… or lack thereof

Dr Melanie says that the worst skincare mistake we can make is leaving makeup on when we go to sleep.

Not removing heavy product can cause blocked pores, blackheads and deepen the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

‘Removing your make-up can make the difference between beautiful, radiant skin and a complexion that looks dull and has clogged pores,’ Dr Hartmann explained to Vogue.

Rule Number One: Never go to bed with makeup on, according to Dr Hartmann (stock image)

Foregoing face wash

The German skincare expert warns that not washing your face enough can have serious side affects in years to come.

Dr Hartmann advises those with normal to oily skin to cleanses twice a day, once in the morning and right before bed.

For people with sensitive or dry skin, a once daily cleanse in the evening is enough.


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Always remember to wash your face to rid it of the environmental pollutants and free radicals that build up throughout the day (stock image)

Clearing away the surface layer

In a previous interview, Dr Hartmann said that we should all be using a cleansing brush as part of our daily routine to rid the skin of dead cells lingering on the surface. 

Dead skin cells can increase the appearance of a dull, tired complexion, and the dermatologist says that by clearing this top layer away we can improve circulation and add brightness to our visage.  

Massage is for the face, too!

The successful dermatologist says that incorporating a few minutes of massage into your beauty regimen can really make a difference to the plumpness and tone of your skin.

Dr Hartmann suggests spending four or five minutes every evening rubbing your face to stimulate blood flow, which can help you achieve that glowing radiance.

Tapping motions on the skin also improves cell metabolism, which can be done manually or by using a micro-vibration toning plate that does the work for you.

Facial massage and tapping boost cell metabolism and stimulates circulation, giving the appearance of healthier, more radiant skin (stock image)

Applying skincare products in the right order: Expert tells how 

1. Makeup remover

2. Cleanser

3. Toner or exfoliator

4. Serums, treatments or mists

5. Eye cream

6. Moisturiser

7. Facial oil

8. SPF

Doing things the wrong way round

Investing in industry-leading lotions is not going to benefit your skin unless you apply the products in the correct order, Dr Hartmann cautions.

‘Even if you have the best skincare products on the market, your skin won’t receive the full benefits if you apply them in the wrong order,’ the dermatologist explained to Vogue.

Dr Melanie also believes that wearing SPF is critical for bright, healthy and protected skin, no matter what the weather outside.   

Sleep is the best remedy for your skin.. Right?

While Dr Hartmann advises her clients to live by the eight-to-eight principle (that’s eight hours sleep and eight glasses of water each day), the skincare specialist said that sleeping can actually give you wrinkles.

‘Although a good night’s sleep is important for cell regeneration, sleeping on your side or stomach can apply too much pressure to your face, leading to creases,’ she explained.

To counteract this pressure, the expert recommends investing in a silk pillow case.

Hydration is essential for young, glowing skin, while investing in a silk pillow case could save you from wrinkles and creases down the line

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