‘SNL’: Kanye West & His Slavery Comments Get Everyone Killed In ‘A Kanye Place’

Amazing! ‘SNL’ managed to poke fun at both Kanye West and ‘A Quiet Place’ in a insanely funny sketch!

Donald Glover, 34, is both the host and the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on May 5 where he helped put together perhaps one of the best sketches ever! He and the show’s cast all recreated the new hit thriller A Quiet Place with one important twist — they must stay quiet amid Kanye West‘s shocking tweets! One by one the group is picked off as they loudly react to the rapper’s comments including stating that he supports President Trump, sporting his Make America Great Again hat, and claiming slavery was a “choice.” The best part has to be when Ye releases “Lift Yourself” a new song in which he raps utter nonsense primarily using the word “poop.” Aidy Bryant can’t believe that’s all he’s saying and cries out, instantly dying. It’s ridiculous and so so relevant!

This is just the latest joke from this comedy team that was amazing AND super topical. Take for instance when Charles Barkley hosted on March 3. He decided to bring up the kneeling controversy surrounding the NFL. “People should be able to disagree. For example, I’m proud to stand for our National Anthem. Unless Fergie’s singing, and then I fall over laughing because it’s hilarious.” Yikes! This is clearly a reference to her heavily criticized performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the NBA All-Star Game.

And we can’t forget The Grabbies! That was a fictional awards show at the center of a sketch highlighting all the sexual harassment allegations that have surfaced in Hollywood. Some of the categories at The Grabbies included “Handsiest Actor” and “Most Open Robe.” One of the actresses walking the red carpet at the event was Catherine LeBourge (Aidy Bryant). She was the first woman nominated for a Grabby. What did that take? “I bit off an intern’s penis.” Wow.

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