Sofia Richie Loves Scott Disick’s Sexier, Younger New Look — ‘It Was All Her Idea’

Scott Disick got a total hair makeover, getting a buzzcut after months of wearing it longer and shaggy. We’ve got details on how GF Sofia Richie was the once who convinced him to change up his look.

Scott Disick looks like a completely different person these days thanks to his new buzzcut. Gone are the nearly shoulder-length thick luscious locks that he’d been rocking for months. He’s also trimmed his beard into a close cut after sporting long and shaggy facial hair earlier in the summer. The 35-year-old’s new well-groomed look is all because of girlfriend Sofia Richie, 20, who has been pleading with him to change up his appearance. “Sofia loves Scott’s sexier, younger new look. It was all her idea, she has been begging Scott to clean up his long hair for months,” a source close to the heiress tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“She did not like how long his beard and hair were getting and thinks he looks much more handsome after trimming everything off. She thinks Scott looks a lot younger after his mini-makeover which she loves. She thinks he looks hot and is happy she was able to convince him to mix up his style and look,” our insider adds.

Maybe fans will get to see him go under the razor as he’s currently filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kourtney‘s baby daddy was spotted with Kim on Sept. 26 checking out expensive rides at Scott‘s go-to dealership, Calabasas Luxury Motorcars with a KUWTK camera crew tagging along. That’s where paparazzi got the fist pics of Scott’s incredible makeover. The father of three has never worn his hair this short, and it was such an extreme 180 from the longer way he’s been wearing it.

Scott’s full makeover has been a slow work in progress. On June 20 The Lord made a trip to the barbershop where he got his long shaggy beard in check with good close trim. However he kept on growing out his hair so that by July it was practically down to his shoulders. Scott is completely genetically blessed in the hair department so we can see why he loved showing it off.

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