Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Edward’s ‘genuine’ body language shows ‘staying power’

Sophie Wessex and Prince Edward attend Southsea beach clean

Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward tied the knot at Windsor Castle on June 19, 1999. She took on a role as a senior working member of the Royal Family.

Sophie began dating her husband in 1993 and they were together for around six years before getting engaged.

Although she was dating the son of the monarch, Sophie mostly stayed out of the public eye before she was married.

Shortly after the wedding, the royal started to perform royal duties and appeared comfortable doing so.

In fact, the Countess has regularly made appearances in her official role without Prince Edward.

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Sophie’s easy transition into the Royal Family may have helped her relationship with her royal in-laws, body language expert Judi James commented.

She stated: “Sophie’s calm, unfussy and upbeat-looking body language and behaviour seems to have impressed the Queen years ago and the pair are said to be close.”

Not only is Sophie thought to get on well with Queen Elizabeth II, she is in one of the most long-standing royal marriages.

Prince Edward is the only one of the Queen’s children to have not separated from their spouse.

Analysing pictures of the royals over the years, Judi shared why their relationship may have been so successful.

“Edward was perhaps the one least expected to make a strong, long-term marriage,”she commented.

“But as Charles, Anne and Andrew created an unexpectedly low bar in terms of marriage survival rates, now suddenly it’s Edward looking like the son with the relationship staying power after all.”

The couple have been married for nearly 22 years and have two children together.

Their success as a couple may have been helped by Sophie and how she has handled royal life, Judi continued.

She said: “Sophie and Edward’s body language together suggests authentic, strong bonds of shared humour and affection.

“Judging from her history and her body language I would suggest this is largely down to Sophie. A successful PR with her own firm she integrated into the Royal Family in a very unfussy way.

“Edward’s non-verbal signals suggest he’s happily moved into a more low-key role in public, while Sophie’s confidence signals show her as being the more socially active one in the team dynamic.

“Prince Edward looks delighted to stand by his wife using glances of admiration and pride.”

The expert suggested Sophie’s success in the Royal Family may be helped by a genuine passion for the role.

“Sophie usually combines a head-tilt to the side with her mouth-smile and this would add to the impression of empathy as well as looking like an offer to listen to the people she is meeting,” Judi added.

“These smile rituals also make her look relaxed, suggesting some genuine passion about her work as part of the royal Firm.”

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