‘South Park’ Lawyer Pays Off Hunter Biden’s $2 Million Tax Bill

Hunter Biden had his delinquent taxes paid off by “big shot” Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris, who once represented the co-creators of South Park. Morris allegedly dropped $2 million to take care of the tax bill, as the president’s son awaits the results of a grand jury’s investigation in the state of Delaware.

The president’s notoriously troubled son is under investigation for failing to pay his taxes on time, along with a host of sketchy international business transactions that have spilled over into his father’s political life.

According to the New York Post, Morris pulled over $2 million from his own pockets to foot Hunter’s tax bill. That’s double the amount that was previously reported in March.

Not only did the “big shot” lawyer pay off Hunter’s delinquent taxes, but the source says he’s also bankrolling the 52-year-old’s lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles. His friends are allegedly referring to Morris as Hunter’s “sugar brother.”

Morris is also advising the president’s troubled son on how best to structure the sale of his art, and conducting a forensic analysis to figure out how Hunter’s infamously stolen laptop ended up being public knowledge.

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Morris earned a fortune negotiating several licensing deals —reportedly worth hundreds of millions of dollars —for Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of the controversial cartoon South Park.

Morris helped cofound the Los Angeles-based law firm, Morris Yorn Barnes Levine, which has represented A-listers like Ellen DeGeneres, Matthew McConaughey, Chris Rock, Scarlett Johansson, and Liam Hemsworth.

He went on to earn a Tony Award as the co-producer of The Book of Mormon, a musical from the minds behind South Park.

By paying off Hunter’s delinquent taxes, Morris could hamper the prosecutors’ ability to convict him and curb their ability to score a lengthy sentence if they win.

While Hunter might be strapped for cash, his sure dad isn’t. Even though the President gets a respectable $400,000 annual salary, Biden’s fortune was earned through decades of public service work in congress.

These days, President Biden has earned enough to splurge on a few luxuries—like his $28,000 watch collection.

Source: New York Post, Radar

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