‘Southern Charm’ Sneak Peek: Craig Finally Comes Clean About His Lying — Watch

Craig is trying to get his life back on track in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the June 7 episode of ‘Southern Charm.’ He opens up to a life coach about being a ‘great liar’ and how he ‘manipulates’ other people. Take a look!

Craig Conover meets with a life coach in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of Southern Charm, and he’s hit with some hard truths. “Let me say something kind of provocative. You’re kind of bullsh*tting yourself,” the life coach says. “You’re having a really hard time jumping into the adult world with both feet, and there’s all these different ways that you can sabotage it happening. So, if you can be the guy who has these great ideas but doesn’t follow through… then this is a way you don’t have to fully an adult.”

Craig decides to finally come clean about his actions. “Oh, yeah. I can justify everything. I can convince a lot of people of anything I want to convince them of,” he admits. “I can manipulate a ton… I have that ability. I’m a great liar.” The life coach looks at him completely stunned. She asks him why he’s always lying to other people. “I don’t know. It just comes natural to me,” Craig confesses. Well, at least he’s being honest! “I understand the human psyche so much, and I can basically profile someone to steer them a certain way,” he notes. Okay…

The life coach tells him that he’s just setting himself up for negative attention if he keeps this up the lying. “You’re not very nice to yourself at all,” she tells him. Craig’s lying has gotten him in trouble with his castmates in the past. We’re proud of him for taking the steps to change. Southern Charm season 5 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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