Student, 20, stays in hotels to swerve university accommodation and save £4.3k

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A student has been labelled a "genius" after revealing she saved money staying in a hotel over her university accommodation.

Tigerlily Taylor, 20, shared her secret on TikTok which helped her to put away £4,300 in a year, reports WalesOnline.

Posting it on the video-sharing platform, her upload racked up over 48,700 likes and 677,300 views.

The young adult, who currently lives in Hertfordshire, is a student at the University of Northampton.

She told MoneySuperMarket: "On average, the university accommodation is £620, per month (that's for a large ensuite room).

"My hotel room usually costs around £35 for the night and I only need to stay once a week so every month I spend £140 on average."

It was also revealed Tigerlily spent an extra £30 on commuting twice a week.

Tigerlily, who was dubbed a "genius" on TikTok, would spend £260 on her travels so she's saving around £360 a month.

But in a whole year, she'd save an eye-watering £4,320 compared to university accommodation living.

Staying at a hotel could be cheaper for students right now since many are only required to attend university a couple of days.

MoneySuperMarket also revealed how many students in university cities could benefit from staying at hotels.

This was compared with the new Unipol and NUS data which looked at the average cost of uni accommodation around the UK.

The data was released and is accurate as of December 10, 2021.

Jo Thornhill at MoneySuperMarket said: "Looking at the average cost of student accommodation in comparison to average Travelodge prices, there are some savings to be made for those students who aren't required to be physically present at their university campus every day."

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