Students who had drinks spiked say they’ve had thousands of messages

Students who had their drinks SPIKED – causing one to jump naked from a bedroom window – say they’ve been inundated with messages from people saying: ‘This has happened to me too’

  • Students Emily Walter, 19, and Alix Taylor appeared on This Morning to warn other undergraduates about the dangers of drink spiking on nights out
  • After visiting a local club, Emily, who’s studying in Cornwall, was found unconscious on the venue’s bathroom floor and rushed to intensive care
  • Earlier this month, fashion branding student Alix became hysterical and jumped from her bedroom window after a night-out in Glasgow, fracturing her skull
  • Emily said she was shocked at how many people have told her: ‘This is my story’ 

Two students who say they had their drinks spiked during freshers week have expressed their shock at how many people have responded to their stories saying it happened to them too.

Third year Glasgow Caledonian student Alix Taylor hallucinated, stripped naked, and fell head-first from the first floor of her bedroom window after a night out, fracturing her skull. She has no recollection of the terrifying incident.

She was joined on This Morning by Emily ‘Mimi’ Walter, 19, who fears she had her drink spiked while at a nightclub in Falmouth, Cornwall. After going missing, she was found unconscious on the floor of a bathroom and ended up in intensive care at hospital. 

Two students who say they had their drinks spiked during the first weeks of the new university term appeared on This Morning today. Alix Taylor, left, a third-year student at Glasgow Caledonian University, ended up fracturing her skull after a terrifying hallucination she believed was caused by a unknown drug. Pictured: Alix with her sister Ellie. Right: Emily ‘Mimi’ Walter, a Falmouth University student who ended up in intensive care after a similar incident

The young women appeared on the daytime television show in a bid to persuade others to report similar crimes (Pictured from left, Alix Taylor, Ellie Taylor, Emily Walter) 

Alix Taylor, pictured in hospital after the incident on September 11th. Alix began hallucinating, stripped naked, and plummeted from the first floor of her bedroom

Her sister Ellie shared photos of Alix to Facebook, where they say many they’ve had lots of responses from people saying they’d experienced drink spiking too

A concerned Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield quiz the young women about when they thought they had their drinks spiked; both Alix, far left, and Emily, far right, say they couldn’t remember a moment when someone might have laced their drinks

Both women have no recollection of when their drinks may have been spiked and appeared on the show to raise awareness of the crime as students all over the country enjoy their first few weeks of the university term.   

Mimi, who says she was ‘paralysed’ while in the grip of the incident, told the presenting duo she’d been overwhelmed by responses from people who say they’ve had similar experiences.

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She said: ‘There have been so many people who have messaged me, saying “This is my story.”‘ 

‘Girls being sexually assaulted, boys being mugged and the police haven’t done anything about it.’

After Alix posted her story, along with a series of images of herself being wheeled into hospital with blood pouring from her ears, thousands of people have responded. 

On Facebook, Amanda Corp wrote: ‘My daughters drink was spiked recently in Malia – luckily her friends were with her and sought help straight away, all women should be aware.’

A Facebook user called Jimmy Docherty followed up with: ‘It’s not just daughters, sons às well. My son got is drink spiked a few years back. They must think it funny to see somebody out of control.’

Emily, originally from Malmesbury in Wiltshire, (pictured on This Morning today) was rushed to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro where she was put on the intensive care unit

Emily pictured after recovering from her ordeal, she was found her unconscious on the bathroom floor in a Falmouth nightclub

The Facebook post that prompted ‘so many’ responses from people who also say they’ve been a victim of a similar crime

Alix revealed how the passers-by who heard her head crack on the pavement told her they’ll never forget the awful sound

Alix and sister Ellie hope that by sharing Alix’s story, they’ll make other people more cautious on nights out

Appearing on the daytime television show, Alix and her sister Ellie, revealed how they pieced together what had happened from third person encounters. 

The International Fashion Branding student said:  ‘I remember going to the club, dancing, having a few drinks with friends. Towards the end, I remember some guy being creepy, he made me freak out, he was holding me and I remember the resistance.

After going ‘crying to staff’, she said the man ‘backed off’ and she left the club but has no recollection of getting home or the events that followed.  

Sister Ellie added that her sister became hysterical and was spotted by passers-by balancing on her windowsill in a ‘terrified’ state.  

She continued: ‘The passers-by assumed it was a sex attack she was trying to escape from, and rang emergency services while trying to climb up to help her.

‘Unfortunately, whatever was inside was too much and Alix either jumped or fell from the window and landed head first on the concrete, fracturing her skull and causing major bleeding inside her head- blood was coming out her ears.

‘The passers-by say they will never forget the sound her head made when she hit.’

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