T.I. ‘Envious’ Of Bernice Burgos’ Work Date With Nick Cannon: Why He’s ‘Upset’

T.I. is not happy about Bernice Burgos and Nick Cannon’s recent outing to Nobu restaurant in Malibu for what she claims was a business date and he doesn’t buy the fact that they’re not dating.

It seems like T.I., 37, is still not quite over Bernice Burgos! The rapper is feeling pretty upset about Bernice’s recent outing at Nobu restaurant with Nick Cannon, 37, and even though she already set the record straight that it was just a business date, he doesn’t believe it. “T.I. is feeling a bit envious over Nick’s meeting with Bernice,” a source close to T.I. EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “T.I. thinks Bernice still looks really good, finds her very attractive and he is not surprised Nick is taking her out for expensive dinners. T.I. has always had a soft spot for Bernice so he gets upset and doesn’t like it whenever he sees her with another man. T.I. is scoffing at Bernice’s claim that it was only business with Nick. He just doesn’t buy it. T.I.’s no fool, he knows Nick’s a player, Bernice is gorgeous, and Nick would love to get together with her in the bedroom too.”

Woah! That’s a pretty gutsy claim considering Bernice was quick to point out they’re only work buds. Despite T.I.’s disappointed feelings about Bernice and Nick, he’s not planning on taking any romantic action because he’s still devoted to his estranged wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 43. “He’s fully committed to Tiny,” the source continued. “He loves his wife and is doing all he can to make things work with the mother of his kids. He is not trying to wine and dine Bernice.”

It seems Bernice was recently feeling the same way T.I. is feeling when she found out that he was working things out with Tiny after their time apart. A source previously told us that seeing him with Tiny again “really stung” for her since she still had feelings for him after their alleged romance. Although they’ve both moved on, it’s definitely clear that there’s still something under the surface for the both of them! Only time will tell if anything comes of it again.

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