Tattoo fan shows off her ‘most painful’ inkings – leaving viewers horrified

A heavily tattooed woman has shocked TikTok users after getting some of the most painful areas of her body tattooed.

American tattoo addict, Angela Mazzanti, made a video to show off her very tattooed body including her foot, wrist and arms.

But she makes it seem like she has some limits as she initially wrote: "I would never get my armpits tattooed."

But moments later, she lifts her arms up to reveal a spiderweb inking underneath both armpits and asked her followers in the caption to grade her pain "on a scale from 1-10".

The clip, which gained more than 10,400 likes, shocked TikTok users who could only imagine how painful the inkings would be.

One user wrote: "I just know they had to be a 100 on the pain scale."

Another claimed: "I have one done…worst tattoo pain ever."

A third said: "Oh my GOD I would have been in tears. I have a tattoo that’s close to my armpit and it was already getting a lil intense up there."

A fourth added: "Oof easily a 10. Right on a lymph node too, ouch. Yours look great tho! You obviously put some time into those!"

A fifth commented: "Oh my that must’ve hurt like HELL."

Another who claimed to talking from experience quipped: "I have mine done too, the worst pain I've ever gone through I have the back of my head done too and I'll do that all day compared to my armpits."

The news comes after a tattoo model shared the brutal reality of eyeball inkings, which led to her becoming temporarily blind.

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Amber Luke was in her early 20s when disaster hit a few years back as she was left crying bright blue tears as the op left her "completely incapable" of being independent.

The tattoos that catapulted her to fame ended up being the reason she lost her independence, as an extreme session resulted in the loss of her sight.

Amber, who boasts 22,000 followers on Instagram, has spent more than £20,000 on body modifications over the years.

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