‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jenelle Pulls A Gun During Road Rage Incident While Driving With Jace

Remember when Jenelle allegedly pulled a gun out during a road rage incident this past April? Well, the entire situation finally played out during the July 23 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’.

The July 23 episode of Teen Mom 2 was a wild one, as Jenelle Evans found herself in the middle of a road rage incident that led her to pulling her gun on another man. Even worse, her 8-year-old Jace, who was sitting in the passenger’s seat, was unwillingly taken into the dangerous situation. It all started when a man driving a white truck “purposely slammed on the brakes” when he pulled his vehicle in front of Jenelle’s. She immediately called 911, claiming the man almost gave her son whiplash and ran them off the road. But instead of waiting for the police to arrive and take care of the situation, Jenelle decided the best thing to do was to follow the man down a dirt road. With Jace still in the passenger’s seat, Jenelle pulled up to the man’s house, started taking pictures of him, and then told him she called the police. When she started backing out to go back to the highway, she accidentally ran into his mailbox, which only angered the man even more. He then pulled his truck in front of her vehicle, hoping to keep her trapped until the cops showed up, but she ended up pulling a gun on him, so he let her go. She was eventually pulled over by police, when she got back onto the highway, and it was during this time — when she was outside talking to the cops — that Jace called Barbara and told her what had happened.

Meanwhile, Briana‘s mom confronted Javi and called him “sneaky” due to the suspicious timing of his reunion with Briana. As we told you in previous weeks, Javi ambushed Briana in Miami just before she was about to undergo a series of plastic surgery procedures. They didn’t exactly have the cleanest split, so everyone found it odd that Javi would try taking care of Briana post-surgery, when he wasn’t exactly on her good side. Roxy accused Javi of going to Miami just so he could appear on camera. Another word she used to describe him was “shady”. Javi told her he had nothing to prove to her because he never dated her no Briana’s sister, so he doesn’t have to show them anything. And because he felt extremely uncomfortable with them in Briana’s rental, he packed his bags and went searching for the nearest hotel.

Later, Chelsea and Cole checked out the family visiting center, where Aubree would be meeting with Adam. Because of it’s condition — it wasn’t great — Chelsea and Cole shared their heartbreak over the situation. Overall, they wished Adam would just get his life together so Aubree wouldn’t have to go to such a place just to see her dad.

Finally, Leah receives troubling news when Ali’s superintendent revealed that her aide had been let go from the school district. Apparently, the school no longer wants to pay for an aide for Ali. Leah was unsurprisingly sad over the new development.

And Kailyn went back to court with Chris to work out a new child support agreement. Based on their incomes, he must pay her somewhere around $350 a month.

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