‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Kailyn & Briana Finally Come Face-To-Face & ‘It’s Awkward AF’

After Kailyn discovered Briana and Javi had maybe started dating, the ladies came face-to-face while filming a reunion special during the May 14 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’.

All the girls headed to LA during the May 14 episode of Teen Mom 2, as they were scheduled to film a few specials as well as the Season 8 reunion. And given the fact that Kailyn doesn’t like Briana nor Jenelle, it caused quite a fiasco for producers. After hearing about Javi and Briana shacking up in a hotel together during a Disney vacation, Kailyn threw a fit when she realized that she and Briana would be getting their makeup done in the same exact room, before filming the MTV specials. As soon as Kailyn laid eyes on Briana, she got up out of her chair and looked for producer Larry Musnik to fix the situation at hand. He pretty much refused to give Kailyn her own room to get ready in, leading her to believe the producers purposely stuck her and Briana in the same room together. The ladies didn’t say a word to each other, but Briana could be overheard telling her mom (or was it her sister?) that the girls better get used to her because “there’s a new b**** in town” — or something like that.

Later, when Javi showed up, Kailyn sort of brushed him off. He acknowledged how quiet the room got as he chatted with Briana, and Kailyn overheard, so she interjected, saying, “because it’s awkward AF.” And to be honest, she was right. Especially after Jenelle showed up — someone else Kailyn hasn’t been getting along with. In fact, none of the girls except Briana were open to talking to Jenelle. Chelsea sided with Kailyn and Leah was sort of stuck in the middle. She didn’t talk to Jenelle, but during a filmed party later that night, a tipsy Leah told Briana’s sister that she felt bad sharing the Disney vacation info with Kail, but since they’ve known each other for so long, she felt obligated to do so. Briana’s sister said it was upsetting that she squealed, but she understood where Leah’s loyalty lied. Briana, on the other hand, wasn’t so forgiving. When she and Leah came face-to-face, Briana told her to keep her mouth shut next time if she can’t relay accurate information. Apparently, Briana believes that Leah made it sound as though she and Javi were going to be sharing a bed while in Disney, but in reality, they were only going to share an “apartment-like” suite.

The next day, when getting ready for the Season 8 reunion, Briana was once again put in the same room as Kailyn, while they got makeup put on. And it was during that moment that Briana decided they should try to clear the air. Briana asked Kailyn what her problem was, and Kailyn said that what she didn’t like was the fact that Javi and Briana weren’t being honest about the state of their relationship. Kailyn felt they were hiding their romance, but Briana insisted they were just friends. However, she said if things progressed, she’d be happy to tell Kailyn, but at that moment, they were nothing more than friends and she couldn’t predict the future. Even so, the conversation escalated and Briana’s mom and sister quickly became involved (as they always do). So basically, it was three against one, and once Kailyn started talking to Briana’s mom, Briana became viciously angry, insisting Kailyn not “disrespect” her mom. Kailyn kept her cool, but she eventually said Briana was “ratchet” and that’s when Briana’s sister started getting aggressive. The entire altercation was awkward AF, and it seemed like everyone was about to get into a physical fight. The episode ended with a “To Be Continued…” situation, so we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what else goes down.

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