‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Recap: Kayla’s Mom Kicks Stephan Out After He Steals Money

Things got super heated during the May 14 episode of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ after Stephan stole $70 from Kayla’s mom. Read our recap to find out what happened!

Kayla was caught in the middle of tension between her mom and Stephan during the May 14 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, when Jaime discovered Stephan had stolen her ATM card and took $70 from her. While Jaime wanted Kayla to confront her boyfriend over the matter, Kayla felt it was her mom’s job to do so. And things finally came to a head when Jaime returned home one night and found Stephan inside the house. She gently asked Kayla if she had spoken to Stephan, but before Kayla could even answer, Stephan stormed into the room, threw $70 at her and begged her to leave Kayla out of their business. There was a lot of screaming, and frankly, we nearly expected Stephan to smack Jaime. He came very close to doing so, when she told him to get out of her house and expressed how she feels bad for both him and the baby. Before he left, Kayla asked Stephan to apologize to her mom, but he refused to do so. He said it was difficult to even look at Jaime’s face, let alone apologize to her. Oh yeah, and he took back his $70, saying Jaime didn’t deserve it. Kayla sure picked a winner!

Meanwhile, Brianna moved back home with her mom after her explosive fight with Danae. He continued wanting to co-parent Braeson, but Brianna basically broke up with him via text — after 3 years of dating. She felt like their relationship was toxic, and it was, but maybe he deserved more than a text saying she wanted to break up? Either way, we’re happy to see they’ve finally ended their relationship — as Danae’s mom said, all they ever did was argue with each other. They were never happy when around each other. Maybe this is what’s best for them.

And speaking of broken relationships, Lexi finally took steps to move on from Kyler after he turned down her dating proposal. She joined a young moms group and met some girls she could be friends with. Meanwhile, Kyler’s mom told him to stop messing with Lexi’s feelings. And if he doesn’t, she warned him that he could potentially ruin their friendship and how they’ll co-parent Thobias. Preach, girl, preach.

Later, Ashley and Bar moved into a new place after her dad helped them pay the security deposit. Things seemed to be getting better for them until Ashley told Bar that she expects him to eventually apologize to her parents for fighting them. He refused to do so, so she stormed off after saying they won’t get married unless he does. Fortunately for her, he eventually came around and said he’s apologize — however, he just needs more time to process everything before doing so.

And finally, Jade questioned if she and Sean were meant to be after she found him sending a text to a friend about never wanting to go to her family’s dinner. They argued a bunch before she kicked him out. So now she lives alone and she’s relying on her mom to help out with the baby. Apparently, her mom is doing “better”. To be honest, we find it interesting that Jade all of a sudden loves her mom again now that Sean’s out of the picture. Does she just love the one she needs? Only time will tell.


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