Teresa Giudice Talks With Joe ‘Regularly’ As He’s Held By ICE, But Will Divorce Him If He’s Deported

Teresa Giudice has been in touch with her estranged husband, Joe Giudice, while he has remained in ICE custody awaiting his deportation status.

While Joe Giudice, 46, remains in ICE custody, a source close to the family EXCLUSIVELY shared with HollywoodLife, “Teresa [Giudice, 46, Joe’s wife] is doing nothing different than living her life and working hard as she and the family wait to see if Joe is going to be deported,” they revealed. “She has made it clear she’s not going to stop or change her life or plans. She’s so busy getting Gia [18] ready to graduate and for college and with [10-year-old] Audriana’s dance competitions and she feels it’s not fair to the girls to stop what they’re doing. Also, Joe is a solid couple of hours away from their home in New Jersey right now.”

Our source continued, “Teresa of course feels sad for her daughters that they’re missing their dad, but she needs to do what’s best for the girls. They will see him when they can, but right now, the only thing different is where Joe is being held. She updates him regularly on how the girls are doing, but their relationship has been better, of course. It’s a little rocky as they sit and wait to see what happens and Teresa still stands by what she said at the RHONJ reunion — If he gets deported, which likely will happen, she will divorce him and the girls will stay in [New] Jersey. They’re not moving to Italy, period.”

Joe is waiting in ICE custody to see if his appeal to be deported from the USA is accepted – if not, he will be deported to Italy, where he was born. Meanwhile, his wife Teresa was filming her Bravo reality television show Real Housewives of New Jersey. They have four daughters together: Gia, Audriana, Gabriella, 15, and Milania, 14. We hope Teresa is getting the support she needs from other family members while she awaits the decision for Joe’s deportation.

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