Tesco is selling Creme Eggs for 20p from today

Seriously, it's no yolk, because right now, chocoholics can buy two boxes of the snack sized eggs for £2.

The deal will see shoppers save £1.30 on the two boxes, and it's available both online and in stores until March 19, as long as stocks last.

Outside of the offer, each box of five Creme Eggs normally cost £1.65.

Overall, you'll be buying 10 eggs but that works out that each one costs just 20p.

Individual eggs usually cost around 50p, although Sainsbury's is currently selling them for 35p.

The next best price on the boxes is offered by Asda and Ocado, where two packs currently cost you £3.30, making each egg 33p.

The Tesco deal includes packs of Cadbury Caramel and Cadbury Oreo eggs too which you can mix and match and still get the discount.

Creme Eggs are filled with a white and yellow fondant, resembling a real one while the Caramel versions are packed with a gooey – yep you guessed it – caramel.

The Oreo Eggs are made with the same thick chocolate shell but is filled with the snack's signature filling and bits of crushed biscuit.

Easter Sunday isn't actually until April 21, so Tesco's deal might be the best time to stock up on your chocolate.

Cadbury has recently come under fire for shrinking the size of its Easter eggs without slashing the price to match.

Asda is selling a MARMITE flavoured chocolate egg this year and it's divided the nation.

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