Tesla Trying Out ‘Dog Mode’ Feature to Keep Temps Cool for Pets in Cars

Never worry about your furry friend again! Ever take Fido along for a ride just to realize you need to quickly run into the cleaners or to do another errand? Thanks to Tesla Opens a New Window. , you’ll be able to relax knowing your trusty sidekick is resting comfortably while you get things done.

“Introducing Dog Mode: set a cabin temperature to keep your dog comfortable while letting passersby know they don’t need to worry,” the official account for the automobile company recently tweeted of their new technology.

In a second announcement, Tesla showed what the image would look like as onlookers approach your car. “My owner will be back soon,” the screen reads. “Don’t worry.” The alert would also tell concerned citizens what the temperature in the vehicle is set to.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk also detailed that the push will roll out shortly, but it won’t be a fast turnaround just yet. “It will start out slow to make sure there are no corner case issues and then, if that looks good, speed up next week,” Musk tweeted. “We def need to add a ‘Request Latest Update’ feature!”

Though some Twitter users expressed their concern for the program stating that the technology is encouraging owners to leave their pets in cars, the company’s feature will help with a long-running problem. Year after year, people make headlines for leaving their animals alone in non-air conditioned cars in unsafe conditions.

Due to the severity of health issues the heat can cause for animals, some states have implemented laws where a passerby is legally able to break the car’s window in order to get to a suffering pet.

Tesla’s “When the humans are away” video, however, showed how the idea will work for your furry friends. The clip shows two adorable dogs simply enjoying their time as their human quickly runs into a store.

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