The 2022 reset: How to improve your sleep, eating and fitness this year

The ringing in of a new year brings with it the chance for us all to hit reset. From focusing on new career goals to learning a new skill, a new year presents us with an opportunity to start afresh. There’s no denying last year was a challenge for us all, so if you’re looking to get back on track after 2021, we’ve got you covered.

How to get a good night's rest in 2022

Sleep is the single most powerful health-enhancing weapon known to humankind. From your weight to your blood pressure to your emotional wellbeing, our night-time slumber lies at the heart of so many of the things we hold dear. And poor sleep is a cause of so many of life’s ills.

Whatever you have planned for 2022, without a robust sleep regime, you’re unlikely to achieve it. But that begs the question: how do you actually improve sleep? Where do you even start?

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Six simple tricks to improve your eating habits in 2022

After a month of overindulgence it can be tempting, come January, to go cold turkey on sugar, carbs or alcohol, or to set yourself a big weight loss challenge. It’s a noble (maybe even a necessary) aim, but it can feel as if you’re dragging yourself up a very steep hill, and that’s even when there isn’t a pandemic raging in the background. Increasingly research shows that looking at how and why we eat is just as important as what we eat when it comes to making a meaningful long-term change.

Rather than beating yourself up for a Christmas filled with treats and going keto at 00:01 on New Year’s Day, why not think of January as a month to reset your relationship with food?

So, how to approach a January food reset? Find out here.

How to reset your pandemic body

Are you happy with how you feel right now? When did you feel best? And when, realistically, could you reach that level again? Those are the questions to ask yourself when trying to reset your relationship with your body.

It’s human nature to drift, but staying laser-focused on a goal – no matter how small – is proven to give you the best chance of sticking to it.

Here’s some tips for creating a better relationship with fitness than ever before.

How to boost your mood

The quest for more energy, more zest, more vim and vigour sustains a multimillion-pound wellness industry, which thrives on selling the promise of boundless energy to the worried well. Most of it is anything but evidence-based, and after a tough couple of years and with no immediate end to the pandemic in sight, now seems like a good time to seek out energy-boosting strategies that actually work.

Forget taking shortcuts with fancy supplements. The key to vitality is exercise, diet, sleeping – and coffee.

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