The $48 concealer women are saying is as good as eight hours sleep

Fake eight hours sleep in SECONDS: The concealer that leaves you looking instantly rested by hiding dark circles, reducing redness and plumping skin

  • Australians are obsessing over a $48 concealer that hides dark circles instantly
  • It’s made by Trinny London, the makeup line of British style guru Trinny Woodall
  • Specially designed for under-eyes, the formula brightens skin without creasing
  • It hides dark circles and reduces redness, making your face look younger

Beauty lovers are obsessing over a concealer made from vitamin-rich serum and tinted moisturiser, which users say leaves you looking instantly rested with just one swipe.

The $48 BFF Eye Serum Concealer, from British style guru Trinny Woodall’s eponymous makeup line Trinny London, claims to hide dark under-eye circles, reduce redness and hydrate skin, making your face appear brighter and younger.

Specifically formulated for the sensitive under-eye area, the key selling point is the cream’s smooth texture, which blends seamlessly onto skin without creasing into fine lines or wrinkles.

The concealer can be applied using fingertips, eliminating the need for expensive makeup brushes and saving you time in your morning routine.

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Beauty lovers are obsessing over a $48 concealer made from vitamin-rich serum and tinted moisturiser (right), which users say makes you look instantly rested with just one swipe (left, seen on Melbourne model Natasha Angelis)

The cream is laced with hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and soothes tired under-eyes, reducing swelling and puffiness and plumping out fine lines.

Other ingredients include vitamin C, which brightens complexions, and a ‘double peptide complex’ which nourishes the skin’s surface, replenishing and calming it against stress.

While $48 may seem expensive, reviewers say a tiny dab is enough to transform each eye, which means you’re likely to get your money’s worth over time.

Available in eight shades from ‘oyster pale’ to ‘true brown’,  there’s something to suit every skin tone.

‘Most concealers accentuate my lines and sit in them, but this is a truly miraculous product,’ one satisfied customer posted on the brand’s official website. 

‘It brightens my under-eye area and smooths fine lines. The look, feel and ease of use means it’s become an effortless part of my everyday makeup!’

Others praised the cream’s staying power, with many saying it hadn’t moved an inch almost 12 hours after application. 

The concealer was named ‘Hero Product of the Week’ by beauty review blog RedOnline in February 2019.

The five most common makeup mistakes women make, according to the experts

Lijha Stewart, American director of artistry and makeup for acclaimed beauty brand Make Up For Ever, previously revealed the five biggest makeup mistakes women make when painting their faces.

1. Choosing the wrong bronzer shade: Lijha says it’s essential to pick the right bronzer shade for your undertone. 

If you are applying the wrong bronzer colour over your face it can create a vast difference in tone between the chest and face. 

To avoid this, Ms Stewart suggests that those with yellow or olive undertones look for bronzers with a golden undertone.

Those with red, pink, or peach undertones should choose a bronzer with terracotta undertones.

2. Going heavy handed on the brows: 

Thick and luscious brows are still extremely popular but Ms Stewart said it can be hard for people to achieve this look who don’t naturally have a full brow.

This results in people being too heavy handed when they apply brow product leaving a block-shaped brow that is often too dark.

Lijha said everyone should measure their brows to their own face shape, using the pencil as a ruler.

She also recommends people use a contour brow product that helps to define the arch and the head of the brow.

3. Picking the wrong foundation: Poorly matched foundation can completely ruin a makeup look.

Lijha recommends using two different shades – one a little bit darker and one a little bit lighter than your natural skin tone.

The lighter colour should be applied to the centre of the face and the dark one should be used on the outer parts before blending it down the neck for a seamless finish.

4. Applying eyeliner in one solid sweep: Lijha said you should always apply eyeliner in three easy steps instead of one sweep.

It all starts with your position, which should be as close to the mirror as possible and then you should start in the middle of your eyelid to ensure your eyeliner doesn’t become too thick for the size of your eye.

The wing should be created by starting on the outside of the eye and tracing it back to the center.

Finally, you should connect the end of the wing to the centre point, making sure all lines are connected smoothly.

5. Applying contour and highlight incorrectly: Although there are numerous tutorials online, highlighting and contouring is one major trend people still struggle with.

Lijha explained the best way to achieve a natural looking highlight is by avoiding placing straight lines on the face and moving the brush in a subtle upwards motion.

‘Patchy contouring can make the face look dirty and give a messy end result. Ensure that you set your foundation with powder before applying a darker powder contour,’ she added.

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