The Best Singlehood Advice For Your Early 20s, According To 7 Women

There’s a reason the media has given us so many TV shows about single women in their 20s: It’s fun! It’s a time in your life when you can stay out late, meet new people, and create your own adventures. If you want to make the most out the magical post-collegiate years, learn from women who have been there and are open to giving you their best singlehood advice for your early 20s.

In your early 20s, you might find yourself living on your own for the first time, navigating your career, and missing cafeteria food (just kidding!). You might also find yourself single — and that’s OK! Rom-coms tell you that singlehood is a stepping stone to finding the love of your life, but that is in no way true. Singlehood is actually an amazing time to learn about who you are and what you like. Whether you want to end up in a relationship or you want to continue to explore, being single in your early 20s can be a formative experience. It can also be scary — you’re experiencing so many ‘firsts’, which can sometimes feel isolating. With that comes excitement and love — you and your friends are out there experiencing adulthood together for the first time, and you’re going to have a blast.

Read on for some critical advice on singlehood in your early 20s from women who’ve been there (and came out on the other end alive!).

Learning Experiences

— Malini, 23

Expose Yourself

— Maura, 31

Don’t Force It

— Britt, 30

Get To Know Your Number One

— Jessica, 31

Sex, Drugs, And Being In Your 20s

— Emily, 29

Figure Out What You Want

— Caitie, 26

You Are Enough

— Ngoc, 25

Your early 20s are a magical time. You’ll stay up late, fall in love with people, fall out of love with them, and — most importantly — fall in love with yourself (and hopefully stay there forever). Armed with the advice of women who have been in your shoes, you’re now ready to conquer singlehood!

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