‘The Challenge’ Sneak Peek: Zach Gives Tony A Pep Talk As He Fears Being Targeted By Hunter

In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the Sept. 18 episode of ‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning,’ two different groups of guys talk strategy on a night out — and it’s clear they’re playing the game on two different sides. Watch here!

It’s no secret that two teams on this season of The Challenge are a bit more intimidating than the rest: Tony/Johnny Bananas and Brad/Kyle. As the competition continues, the other teams are focused more than ever on getting these teams out of the game, and Hunter discusses the possibility with Joss during a night out during this week’s episode. “I know that you and Kyle are boys,” Hunter says in the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek below. “And I respect that. But when it comes down to it…if there’s someone who I really want to take out, I will go to all limits to do that. I’m telling you that Brad, Kyle and Johnny and Tony are like this *crosses fingers tightly.*”

While chatting with Bananas and Zach, Tony gets a glimpse of the guys talking, and quickly grows weary of the possible alliance. “I’m telling you now, if he takes a shot over here…we better not miss it,” he says. Zach, who’s partnered with Amanda, doesn’t want Tony to let this get to his head, though, and offers up some words of encouragement. “You don’t have to do anything drastic,” he tells Tony. “It’s not time to be a hero. Let the weak links sort it out, and then, in a couple of weeks, we’ll all figure it out.”

In his confessional, Zack adds that Tony is his “best friend in the game,” and admits he’s confident that Tony will have his back as time goes on. Of course, as we saw last season on The Challenge: Vendettas, Tony turned his back on then-friend, Johnny Bananas, so who knows what will happen when the game comes into play as time goes on!

We’ll have to see how this all plays out when The Challenge: Final Reckoning airs on Sept. 18 at 9:00 p.m ET. This is getting GOOD!

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