The Hardest Shorts to Wear Are Coming Back for 2019

Let’s all be honest here — biker shorts are not the classiest trend. I mean, can you imagine wearing tiny spandex shorts in front of your boss or even your grandma? Yet somehow the Kardashian-approved look ended up on Chanel’s spring 2019 runway (paired with elegant tweed blazers and lots of pearls). Now every fast-fashion retailer is co-signing on the stretchy trend for 2019, and is stocking up on similar versions.

Zara just dropped a fresh take on the trend that has a high waistband and two metal zippers decorating the front. H&M has a simple wear-everyday pair that’s a tad bit longer, which is perfect for taller types. And it’s not all thigh-hugging spandex options out there. Mango’s cyclist bermuda shorts look more like cut-off trousers — perfect for those who aren’t a fan of clingy fabrics. They’ll play a huge role in the short-suit trend that we’ll see more of this spring.

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Sure, it’s cold outside right now, but you might regret not stocking up on this trend come spring. So take a look at the biggest fast-fashion retailers that are banking on the biker-short trend for 2019 below.

Long Biker Shorts for Tall Girls

Shop It: H&M Cycling Shorts, $10;

Biker Short Sets

Shop It: Forever 21 Cropped Cami and Biker Short Set, $22;

Modest Biker Shorts

Shop It: Mango Cyclist Bermuda, $60;

Metallic Biker Shorts

Shop It: Motel Silver Shiny Bike Shorts, $46;

Plus-Size Biker Shorts

Shop It: Boohoo Plus Jersey Basic Cycle Shorts, $6;


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