The Internet Came Through with Some Hilarious 'Bird Box' Memes

You know those awkward days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve where everyone’s lost and confused? Yeah, well apparently the entire internet collectively decided to watch Bird Box, and the memes are something.

Me understanding the #BirdBox memes after finally watching it.

Just real quick if you’re one of the few remaining people who hasn’t watched Netflix’s latest viral movie, it stars Sandra Bullock as a woman trying to usher her kids to safety as a mysterious force kills most of the world’s population. The key to survival? Never opening your eyes, which means she and her two kids have to complete their trip blindfolded. Which brings us to memes like this:

But that is just the beginning of an abundant cornucopia of memes, so here ya go—and warning THESE! MEMES! CONTAIN! SPOILERS!

the entities whenever someone opens their eyes #BirdBox

me going into the kitchen to get something to drink after watching #BirdBox

Two powerful scenes from #BirdBox

entities: h-

Douglas watching gary kill everyone after he warned them..#birdbox

The creatures outside the car while they were driving to the grocery store#BirdBox

Everybody in Bird Box:#BirdBox

Malorie after rowing down the river for 42 hours #birdbox

How Olympia jumped out the window in Bird Box

Tom when they were driving away from the creatures #BirdBox

Me after watching bird box

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