The Lyrics To Jasmine’s "Speechless" From ‘Aladdin’ Give Her The Power Ballad She Deserves

Who’s ready for the live-action version of Aladdin? I know I am and one thing that’s pumping everyone up is the film’s soundtrack which features an empowering song performed by Naomi Scott AKA Princess Jasmine. The lyrics to Jasmine’s “Speechless” Aladdin is the kind of power ballad everyone has been waiting for.

So, in the original film, Princess Jasmine struggles to taken seriously as a woman who can take care of herself. But in the new live-action version, it seems like she finds her voice and lets the world know just how amazing and powerful she is. On top of that, she’s also set on being the leader of Agrabah herself, so she’s no shrinking violet. Not that she ever was, though. Basically, she’s the heroine everyone has always known she is and now she gets to tell her story herself. And guess what — she absolutely will not be silenced. At least that’s what she telling everyone in “Speechless.” Here’s a look at the lyrics:

Basically, Princess Jasmine is letting everyone know that even though she might get knocked down, she’ll always stand right back up. And she adds to that in the chorus by saying that she’ll always speak up no matter what:

You can listen to the full version of “Speechless” from Aladdin down below:

In the second verse of the song, Jasmine aims to defy rules and traditions, especially as a woman:

And in the third verse and subsequent chorus, she sings all about breaking free from the societal rules and standards that try to keep her in a box that she doesn’t actually fit in:

Clearly, Princess Jasmine is even more of a feminist in the live-action Aladdin than she was in the original version of film. And that’s actually very fitting for where the world is politically at the moment. What an amazing character!

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