The Martinez Twins ‘Offer A Glimmer Of Hope’ While Taking You To ‘Paraiso’ In New Music Video

Need to escape? Allow the Martinez Twins – Ivan y Emilio – to whisk you away with their new dance track ‘Paraiso,’ which will also ‘restore our hope’ that we’ll come out of this dark night ‘stronger’ than before.

If there’s anything that’s going to help us get through all this, it’s some good, invigorating music that gets the body moving. Enter The Martinez Twins. The two brothers – Ivan and Emilio – have already conquered YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, so it was just a matter of time that they began their takeover of the music world. The duo started their path to musical superstardom with “Paraiso,” premiering today (Apr. 24.) In the video, directed by Ben Marc, the twins accept an invitation to a party, but when they arrive, it gets transformed into a carnival of sound, sight, colors, taste, and touch. Performance artist Skeleton Of Color (aka Butch Locsin) shows up to add some smoke magic (“So dope being a part of the Martinez Twins video for Paraíso. These twins are going to take over Hollywood!” he tells HollywoodLife.) Someone begins to breathe fire. It’s no longer a party but a mystical paradise – a slice of Paraiso.

The video, besides being the Martinez Twins’ first foray into music, is also a reminder of the life we aim to return to once the current quarantine crisis is over. “Since ‘Paraíso’ is our big music debut, we wanted it to be inspirational, fun, and positive and set the tone for what fans can expect from us this year,” the Twins tells HollywoodLife. The single, produced by Richard Vision, heralds an EP that is currently scheduled for a fall release. While the fall seems so far away, the Martinez Twins hope that “Paraiso” gives everyone a much-needed boost to make it. Plus, fans can look forward to their second single, “La Dieta.” The song will heat up the summer when it arrives on June 13.

“The world is going through some difficult times right now, and our hearts are with those affected by the pandemic,” they also tell us. “We hope to bring a glimmer of hope to our people through our music, with upbeat vibes and lyrics about having a good time that will make us dance and restore our hope that we will come out of this stronger.”

The Spanish-born twins (they were raised in the small town of Granollers in Barcelona) rose to fame on YouTube, but have since crossed over to multiple online platforms. They’ve also partnered up with such global brands like Coca Cola, Pull & Bear, Univision, Dolce Gabbana – even winning “Best Coca Cola Duo” at the Premios Juventud Awards in Miami. With their sights set on becoming the next biggest thing in music, expect them to swing by your town on tour (once it’s safe and clear to do so.) Until then, you now have their new single, just in case you need a quick visit to Paraiso.

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