The Spinner Dolphin Earns its Name in Stunning Footage from Netflix's Our Planet

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a dolphin that can send itself swirling through the air!

Spinner dolphins are one of the many species Netflix’s nature documentary series, Our Planet, captured up close. Watching the clip above, it doesn’t take long to realize how the spinner dolphin got its name. These sea creatures are capable of aerial spins that would make any ballet dancer or figure skater envious.

Our Planet managed to locate a mega-pod of these high-flying mammals and filmed the swimmers underwater and from the air. This pod of roughly 10,000 dolphins is believed to be the largest pod caught on film.

The series is focused on the ways manmade problems affect non-human animals. From climate change to overfishing, these global issues are forcing animals to adapt rapidly to more extreme living situations.

Understandably, not all of what Our Planet has to share is as light-hearted and energetic as this clip. The Netflix show recently caused alarm across the internet for including a scene which showed walruses, driven to climb high cliffs due to a lack of sea ice, falling to their deaths.

Not long after Our Planet premiered, Netflix tweeted out a guide of “some moments animal lovers may want to skip” because of the upsetting content.

Our Planet hopes to encourage humans to make small adjustments in their own lives in an effort to create large, positive changes for the world, said Sophie Lanfear, one of the show’s producers.

To learn more about how you can make some of these changes and help protect animals like these dolphins, visits Our Planet’s website filled with useful resources.

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