The Top 5 Sexiest Female Cosplays From The 2018 San Diego Comic-Con

The San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is regarded as one of the best in the world each year. It is the place where companies unveil new products, studios announce new movies, and movie and TV stars mingle with their fans. It’s part of the reason that it is one of the hottest tickets around, and fans plan an entire year around attending. One of the other perks is that some of the best and sexiest cosplays around happen at this particular convention every year. Professionals and unpaid enthusiasts do their best to become their favorite characters, and in doing so, become a part of the show itself.

What makes cosplaying so wonderful is that it is something that transcends age, gender, and physical abilities. People can go solo or cosplay as a group. There is no right or wrong way to do it, so long as it is being enjoyed. With that in mind, these are the top five sexy cosplays from the 2018 SDCC, starting with this Emma Frost cosplay.

Meghan, a cosplayer from Scotland, is a graduate of a drama and the performing arts academy. She’s a feminist, belongs to Gryffindor, and does an amazing Emma Frost cosplay. Frost is from the Marvel Universe and is most closely associated with the X-Men for anyone wondering. She does a wide variety of cosplays, including a nice Harley Quinn, but her Emma Frost is a fan favorite.

It’s the beautiful, Emma Frost! Killer cosplay and great photography! Cosplayer: @gracelesscosplay ???? – @geekysidekickphotography #emmafrost #emmafrostcosplay #womenofmarvel #xmen #cosplay #cosplaygirl #marveluniverse #xmencosplay #mutant #mutantandproud #marvelcosplay #marvelcomics #marvelcosplaystars

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Krystle Starr of Dallas and Los Angeles is the product of a Jedi mom and Trekkie dad. She is a premiere cosplayer that appears around the country. While she tackles a variety of cosplays in addition to her modeling career, her SDCC Magik cosplay really turned heads for being spot on and garnered some great reviews on social media from fans who got to see her up-close.

MAGIK! #SDCC has been amazing! Day 4 now! #MarvelMagik arm spikes made by @amayademorte ???? #sandiegocomiccon #SDCC2018 #SDCC #sdccgirlpower #girlpower #comiccon

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Olga Bazanova, AKA, Kotyashenka, is a Russian cosplayer. Kotyashenka is a model and artist registered with World Cosplay. She has built a strong and broad social media presence that has helped her maintain a high profile in the cosplay community. She describes cosplay as “a hobby where your dreams meet reality.” Here she is at SDCC, enjoying a slice while mingling with fans.

Пупсы, стоит ли доделывать Эйприл? ???????? Лично мне хочется переделать этот комбинезон под моб Синди или просто выбросить. #kotyashenkacosplay #backstage #SGGP #cosplay #косплей #cosplaygirl #cosplaymodel #badasscosplaygirl #badasscosplay#apriloneil #apriloneilcosplay #april #aprilcosplay #TMNT #teenagemutantninjaturtles #ninjaturtles #tmntcosplay #эйприл #эйприлонил #черепашкининдзя #cosplaysky

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Marianne Fredericks of San Diego is a model, tattoo artist, and a seriously off the hook cosplayer. Her Assassin’s Creed cosplay at SDCC 2018 has to rate as one of the best, and possibly the sexiest one around. Top to bottom, she made her cosplay work, and she didn’t just wear the costume, she became the role. It didn’t get near as much attention as it should have on the day she wore it, but thanks to social media, it is still making the rounds and has fanboys, and girls, crushing hard.

Chillin’ as Ezio from Assassins Creed today. #SDCC #sdcc2018 #sandiegocomiccon #comiccon #assassinscreed #assassinscreedunity #assassinscreedodyssey #assassinscreedorigins #ezio #ezioauditore #ubisoft #abstergo #assassin #cosplay #cosplayer #mariannefredericks

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Hendo Art is a name brand in the cosplay universe, making the major cons and always putting on a great cosplay. According to her Patreon, she is 27 and living in Los Angeles. While she is best known for her Spiderman, she takes on a range of characters, and models and offers online tutorials to other cosplayers on how to make certain types of props to enhance their experience. She’s very active on social media and responsive to respectful fans as can be seen on her Facebook page where she has quite a few photos and videos cataloged.

“Let me in, there’s nothing to fear.” ???? My hair was feeling the Philly weather that day lol! (????: @nerdypictures with my edit) #Symbiote #SpiderManCosplay #Cosplayer

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While SDCC 2018 had many amazing and sexy cosplayers in attendance, these are the handful that really stood out and have continued to garner attention even after the event has been concluded. As these ladies are active on social media, please be reminded to always be courteous and respectful if contacting them or commenting on their cosplays.

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