The UK’s ‘first aphrodisiac fragrance’ is here – but does it work? We tested it

Sex has always been used to sell fragrance but can a perfume really be a turn on? Eau yes, yes, yes! says Avon, creator of what it’s calling “the UK’s first aphrodisiac fragrance”.

The brand has just whipped the covers off Attraction Game, a scent with ingredients it says are proven to turn you on. Puts a whole new meaning into “Ding dong, Avon calling!” Attraction Game, £12, comes in versions for him and her, and Avon has coupled up with neuroscience to create its ‘“sex in a bottle” proposition.

“We are the first brand in the UK to use fMRI fragrance technology to develop a perfume designed to trigger sensory neurons,” explains Gina Ghura, Avon’s head of fragrance. “fMRI imaging showed activity in all respondents’ brains, indicating stimulated feelings of pleasure.”

Two years in the making, Attraction Game was developed by one of the world’s top fragrance houses, Firmenich, using ingredients shown in scans to light up testers’ hotspots when they smelled them.

“The aphrodisiac effect is felt both on the wearer and by their partner, regardless of gender,” Gina promises. “Both scents share a hypnotic accord, shown to elicit pleasure. It has an addictive quality, so the more familiar the brain becomes to the scents, the more it recognises that it enjoys them, which boosts the attraction effect when worn by a couple.”

As the aphrodisiac effect isn't tied to gender, the couple-sharing effect is designed to work whether you pair the his and hers scents or two of the same – for instance for same sex couples, or if a woman prefers to wear a unisex scent. As well as their shared hypnotic note, both scents feature a heart note of dark chocolate along with spicy pepper and pear, while the sweet For Her scent also features creamy milk, blackberry coulis and tonka bean.

Fragrance expert and Perfume Society founder Lorna McKay isn’t surprised to find these sorts of gourmand notes purporting to hit our hotspots.

“Feelgood scents are usually related to memory,” says Lorna. “Vanilla, tonka bean and other sweet, milky gourmand notes are often associated with cocooning and comfort, going back to childhood."

However, it’s worth noting that beauty is in the nose of the inhaler. “There is no one scent that everyone will find sexy,” adds Lorna. “Our memories and associations are unique, and different scents unlock different doors in our minds.” Try The Perfume Society's free fragrance finder tool here if you’re looking for inspiration.

Did Attraction Game work for our testers?

To find out whether Attraction Game really does hit the hotspot, we sent out a fragrance duo for our Real Beauty reader testers to trial with their partners. We sent them to both mixed sex and same sex couples, and asked our volunteers to spray, play and report back.

So, what’s the verdict? As you’d probably expect, not everyone felt the earth move, although as one “sorry, not the scent for us” volunteer pointed out, merely getting in the shower to soap their husband clean had an erotic upside! However, the majority of our couples were genuinely seduced by Attraction Game’s charms, and within days our inbox was steaming up with their feedback. Over 80% told us they found the scents sexy, and the majority reckoned they definitely felt an aphrodisiac effect.

Here are a few of their 100% genuine reviews – prepare to fan yourselves….

Y&M, Kent: “My scent was very sensual, very sexy. His scent – OMG something about it just sent me wild. It definitely made me more attracted to him, more flirty, more erotic. Usually it’s sex once and then I'm tired, but after spraying the perfume, we don't know what happened! My partner said he will buy me this from now on! He is a happy chappy. We are walking around with a big smile on our faces. I can't wait to see him tonight.”

L&S, Essex: “The scents definitely had an aphrodisiac effect on both of us. We were more flirty and playful and felt more excited to be around each other. I love how the scents changed a bit to more musky when our bodies were closer together and heated up. The male scent is masculine, strong and delicious while the female scent starts sweet and fruity and changes to flirty and sexy on me.”

S&S, Lanarkshire: “I suffer a bit of depression, and I always sit on the opposite sofa from hubby but since wearing the scents we sit next to each other. My interest in intimacy wasn't as great as when I used the scents. It’s shown me a new light, the smells are intoxicating, irresistible and long lasting. It actually made me feel so comfortable and attractive. Before we knew it, we were doing the bad thing!”

C&L, Norfolk: “I loved the scent and found it smelled different on my partner than on me even though she and I both wore the same perfume. Maybe that's mixing with our own natural scents. It was very unusual but exciting. Unsure if it was a placebo effect as we knew what the intention of this scent was for and it was in our heads already – but either way we had fun!”

And finally, we can't resist sharing this sweet verdict from "tired parents", C&M in Surrey:

“I could not keep my hands to myself whilst he wore this! For example in the car I kept finding myself rubbing his leg whilst he was driving, without really even realising I was doing it! It was more the small things like kissing and cuddling, which then in turn lead to more. It built up the affection levels throughout the day, so by the time we got into bed at night…well, I’ll leave that to your imagination!

"As a couple who have two toddlers who dominate so much of our time and energy, having something so simple as a fragrance to bring that extra bit of intimacy into our relationship each day, has definitely helped us to feel like a couple again rather than just a pair of tired worn-out parents!”

Phew! We can’t promise Attraction Game is going to be a turn-on for everyone but for £12 a bottle we think this one is definitely worth trying! Real Beauty approved!

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