The Weeknd’s Journey To His $100 Million Net worth

Abel Tesfaye may not have been a name that fans immediately recognized a few years ago, but it sure is one they know now. The man behind the stage name, The Weeknd, has catapulted to the highest levels of fame in a very short period of  time, and he has now become a bonified global sensation. With more number one hits under his belt than we could possibly list, he has become a mastermind of musical success, always knowing how to score high with fans, and even higher on the charts. His songs have been featured in Fifty Shades Of Grey, he has performed on the biggest stages in the world, and he maintains his passion throughout every aspect of his career. According to Vix, The Weeknd’s journey to fame involved a bit of luck, and a whole lot of talent, and his fame and fortune continue to grow each year.

Canadian Fame

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Before The Weeknd rose to fame, he was obsessed with creating his own sounds. He poured over his lyrics and his music for hours on end and was dedicated to crafting and cultivating the sounds that came from within him. He wasn’t guided by a coach or mentor, he simply had the skill and mindset to put his energy towards his art.

That art, however, came in a very questionable form. Initially representing himself and posting his own music on various websites, The Weeknd faced some backlash for his highly sexualized music that carried a variety of references to the use of substances, and the general party lifestyle.

Although some fans were not pleased with his content, others found the underground sights and sounds to be relatable and attractively woven into his music, and the young musician from the humble streets of Toronto quickly became a Canadian sensation.

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Selling Out In The Local Scene

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As his underground following began to increase, local media stations started to pick up on The Weeknd’s music, and it was an immediate hit. He soon took a leap of faith and booked local Toronto venues to entertain the new followers that had become obsessed with his songs.

Working alongside producer Jeremy Rose, The Weeknd nervously took the plunge by throwing live concerts in the critically acclaimed Toronto-based venue, The Mod Club, and soon after, at The Sound Academy. House Of Balloons and Kiss Land were homegrown hits. His concerts were packed, with fans lined up for hours down the street, but one very special fan got to the front of the line to see what all the fuss was about. It was none other than the full-blown Toronto based star, Drake. He took The Weeknd under his wing, and the two began releasing music in a whole new way.

Mainstream Fame

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The Weekend really did become a Starboy with the release of that album. Starboy saw international fame and became the pillar of success for Abel Tesfaye on a larger scale. No longer restricted to playing for his hometown crowd, he began to tour across the globe and began topping the charts – and staying there.

From the very beginning, The Weeknd insisted on doing things ‘his way’. He was not a fan of media, press, interviews, and the likes of the press. He simply wanted to entertain. Although the spotlight was an inevitable part of his fame and success, he continued to sign deals with big players that assured his approach to music would be respected.

The Vulture captured his biggest breakthrough – his Hollywood Bowl concert in 2014.  They stated; “if the Mod Club show was his coming-out party for the fans, this was Tesfaye’s coming out party for the industry. The audience included Kanye West, Rick Rubin, and Max Martin.” Needless to say, it was a game-changer.

Instant Growth

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Now that he had made his mark on the scene, and the big players knew his name, an opportunity to work on the song for Fifty Shades Of Grey came knocking, and he took it. The Weeknd created Earned It, and the match was as natural and as smooth as it gets. There was finally a place for his sexualized song content to thrive – the two brands worked hand in hand with one another, and this took his name across the globe, exposing his work to fans and movie-goers that may not have otherwise tuned in to his content.

The Beauty Behind The Madness album saw the release of the mega-hit I Can’t Feel My Face, and The Weeknd hasn’t stopped making hit after hit since then.

It also didn’t hurt his career to be romantically linked to two very prominent ladies. He dated Selena Gomez for quite some time, and also had an on-again, off-again relationship with supermodel Bella Hadid. Each encounter set more eyes on The Weeknd than ever before.


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The Weeknd has now played the Super Bowl half time show as a solo performance, and has not just broken, but has shattered Billboard records -not once, but a number of times.

The one thing setting him apart from other artists remains his humble nature and his true desire to continue to create new, unique music, without any concern for the press and drama that comes along with his fame.

He remains loyal to his original fans and credits his hometown of Toronto whenever possible. His XO label has grown in leaps and bounds, and Able divides his time between his home in the prestigious gated community of Hidden Hills, California, and Toronto, where his mother and family continue to reside.

He has so much left to share with the world, and continues to release music at a very fast pace. There’s no doubt that this self-made artist that is now worth a jaw-dropping $100 million, still has a lot more music to share with his adoring fans, and they are certainly tuned in and ready for whatever gifts he decides to share with them.

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