There's a Good Chance Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Could Name Their Baby Arthur

Meghan Markle gave birth to a baby boy this morning, which means we’ll have to stop calling her child the “royal baby” and actually start using its real name. Naturally, I was hoping she’d name her kid Prince Louis, but if for some mysterious reason the Duke and Duchess choose *not* to name their child after a Gossip Girl character and his IRL cousin, they’ll likely pick something more reasonable. At least according to bookies, who have made a literal career of predicting this stuff.

On that note, here are the top five names leading bets for their son.

If They Have a Boy


When the royal baby news was announced last fall, Albert immediately shot to the #1 spot on betting sites. And FWIW, this one is super popular among royals, mostly because Queen Victoria’s beloved husband was named Albert.


Thanks to the ~legend~ of King Arthur, this name almost feels cliché for a royal (not to mention it’s already Prince Louis’ middle name) but it’s still high on betting lists. IMO Meghan wouldn’t name a kid something so basic (no offense to any Arthurs reading this), but you never know.


Again, it’s no secret that Harry is super close to his grandfather. Honoring Prince Philip by naming a baby after him while he’s still alive would be so incredibly special, so I’m putting my (imaginary) money on this one.


As The Express noted, if you search for a select few names on the royal website, some of the domains are already reserved, which could mean they’re going to be used by the royal fam in the future. Arthur is already reserved, and if you search Alexander (, that one’s also taken, meaning Meghan and Harry could be considering naming their son after one of the most famous rulers in history. But IDK, something just seems off about naming your son after a character that Colin Farrell played in 2003. You get me?


James is another one that’s reserved on the royal website, but would Meghan and Harry actually name their son the same thing as Kate Middleton’s brother? True, multiple people in a family can have the same name, but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex seem more original than that. If they’re not though, James is cool!

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