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UNEVEN or tightly tucked – vaginas come in all different shapes and sizes.

And contrary to popular belief, most of them aren't a neat package with everything hidden away.

Instead there are a range of labia shapes, with Ben Khoda, plastic surgeon and a labia specialist at The Hospital Group, revealing there are eight totally normal ways they can look.

He said: "It’s a common misconception that vaginas should look a certain way but, this is not true at all.

"Just like the way in which the size, shape or girth of men’s private parts vary, so do women’s.

"The most common differences in the labia are the shape and size, however the thickness and colour of them varies too."

Here, Ben takes us through the eight most common types of labia…

1. Asymmetrical or uneven lips

Some women are conscious of their vaginal lips being different lengths – but this is all normal.

One may be tucked tightly towards the vagina, while the other hangs down a little.

2. Curved outer lips

Other women have curved vaginal lips, best described as a "flower".

Although it might make you feel self conscious, it shouldn't as it perfectly normal.

3. Prominent inner lips

Sometimes the inner lips of the labia hang below the outer lips.

This could cause discomfort in some women.

There's no such thing as a perfect proportion, though, and is not a concern if it's not causing any problems.

4. Prominent outer lips

On the flip side, some women have slightly loose outer lips.

This can look like the inside of the vagina is hidden.

5. Long outer lips

The outer lips can also be longer and may even brush against the legs, but not necessarily stick or bulge out.

Again, this is completely normal and you shouldn't be afraid to embrace the extra length.

6. Small open lips

Lots of women have small, petite lips which leave the rest of the vagina still visible.

7. Small closed lips

Lots of other women have tiny vaginal lips that conceal the vagina completely.

8. Visible or enlarged inner lips

Last but not least, some women have enlarged inner lips.

While this isn't something that women should be concerned about visually, it may cause physical discomfort.

This is because more of the sensitive vaginal skin is exposed.

What is abnormal labia?

Despite the fact many women with enlarged or uneven vaginal lips may recognise their vaginas as "abnormal", this isn't the case.

Labia specialist Ben said:"You’ll be happy to know that every labia is a normal labia.

"However, some women have enlarged or uneven vaginal lips which may cause them physical or emotional discomfort, which they may recognise as 'abnormal' compared to other women.

"If the size or shape of your labia is interfering with your everyday life or even reducing the quality of activities you enjoy, it’s time to think about whether you’d like an expert to take a look.

"This may be especially true if the appearance or feel of your labia has changed in recent years and you’d like your old labia back."

Some women with enlarged vaginal lips may experience discomfort while doing certain activities – such as during exercise or sex.

Ben added: "Vaginal irritation can over time change the appearance of the labia, this can come from the clothes we wear every day to the type of exercise that we take.

"It can also come from some more obvious but none the less important factors such as childbirth and sexual intercourse which can affect the way the vagina looks over time.

"These are are all totally normal and natural ways for the labia to change.

Vaginal examination is understandably an area where women may feel anxious or worried about.

"We provide female chaperones and ensure that the examination is performed in suitable surroundings."

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