These Actors Don't Let Their Kids Watch Their Work

"They can't see the movies and their friends can't. It's not on their radar at all."

There’s no doubt that actors are proud of the projects they work on and want to share it with the most important people in their lives. But they can’t always do that, especially when it comes to their kids. Whether it’s not age-appropriate or they’re just not a fan of their young children consuming media, some actors have completely banned their children from watching their work.

Celebrities from Jason Momoa to Mayim Bialik have all enforced strict rules about their children’s viewing habits. While things will probably change as their kids grow older, it’s clear they’re doing it with everyone’s best interest in mind!

Find out which famous offspring won’t be watching their parent’s work …

1. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa is thrilled that his children, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf, are his biggest fans but he’s particular about which of his projects they can watch. While he’s usually okay with them viewing his newer movies, he doesn’t want them seeing a select few things from his past like “Game of Thrones” and “Baywatch.”

“The earlier things in my career, you can’t see that. But you can see the new things I’m trying to make…We don’t say the B word, we hide all of that, mate. Never happened. We don’t talk about those words,” Jason said on the radio show “Fitzy and Wippa.”

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2. Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk admits that he didn’t watch “Breaking Bad” before he was on the show because it definitely wasn’t appropriate for his young children. Even after he was cast, it’s pretty safe to say he didn’t allow his son and daughter to tune in.

“I had little kids, you can’t have little kids come in during ‘Breaking Bad’ or the state will come after you,” he joked on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

3. Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik doesn’t like her children watching television so they’ve “never” seen her on “Big Bang Theory” even though they visited her on set during filming. At one point she did allow them to watch “Call Me Kat” with her ex-husband Michael Stone because he thought it was important for their children to see their mom play a single female opening her own business.

“We’re not really, like, a TV-watching family. They watch ‘Avatar,’ things like that. Not sitcoms like their mom starred in, even though they’ve been to a few tapings of the show…I don’t watch myself and really didn’t want to hear them be like, ‘You look weird. Why is your hair like [that]?’ I don’t want to deal with it,” Mayim told Us Weekly.

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4. Leslie Mann & Judd Apatow

When Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow’s daughters Iris and Maude were young, they weren’t allowed to watch their parent’s films — despite the fact that they had been in some of them! Leslie said that she was even worried about their children’s friends and their families seeing some of the films because she didn’t want them to get the wrong idea about her daughters.

“They can’t see the movies and their friends can’t. It’s not on their radar at all,” Leslie said at the time.

Now that their children are adults, it can be assumed that they’ve probably checked out a few of their parent’s projects!

5. Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas

While Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’s children, Dylan and Carys, were growing up, they had strict guidelines about which of their parent’s films they were allowed to watch. While they did get to see some of Catherine’s movies and one from their grandfather Kirk Douglas, most of Michael’s films were off limits.

“They have seen their grandfather Kirk Douglas in ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’, so they know about him. They have seen me in ‘The Mask of Zorro’ and animated movie ‘Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.’ But they are so young, so I won’t let them see Michael’s films with Glenn Close [‘Fatal Attraction’] or Sharon Stone [‘Basic Instinct’] just yet!” Catherine said back then.

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6. Julia Roberts

Back when Julia Roberts’ children were very young, she said she and her husband Danny Moder weren’t allowing them to see any of their projects. In fact, Julia said the family didn’t watch many movies at all in favor of reading books and doing creative activities together.

“We have a pretty rigid viewing feeling in our house…We’ll find our right time that will be happy and joyous for us to share that all together…Part of it is there’s just not time for that. We would prefer something different in that time,” Julia told People.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple doesn’t watch her mom’s projects but it’s more of her choice than her mom’s rules. The actress says that she doesn’t believe Apple has seen any of her movies.

“I mean, I think my son has seen the ‘Iron Man’ things, but I don’t think my daughter has ever seen me in a movie. Apple thinks it’s weird if I’m on screen…She says she likes me here,” Gwyneth said during “Shop Today With Jill Martin.”

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8. Jack Black

When Jack Black’s kids, Samuel and Thomas, were young, he only allowed them to watch his “Kung Fu Panda” movies. He thought the rest of his films were a little too mature and they were “weirded out” about seeing him in movies anyway.

“They haven’t seen any of my movies except Kung Fu Panda. I don’t like to say, ‘Hey, you have to see ‘School of Rock.” I don’t think they’re ready for The Pick of Destiny… But someday they probably will be,” Jack told People.

9. Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts hasn’t allowed her children, Kai and Sasha, to see a majority of her films just yet. While she admits they have seen “The Ring,” she’s deemed the rest too mature for the kids.

“I’ve barely done anything that I’ve let my kids watch…Most of mine are not for children, sadly. They’ve seen ‘The Ring’ now,'” she said on the “Jase and Lauren” radio show.

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