These Adorable Tangela Moments Prove That This ‘Big Brother’ Duo Is The Real Deal

Living inside the Big Brother house is bound to be stressful, which is why it’s nice to be able to have someone to lean on and confide in throughout all the chaos. For Tyler, that source of comfort has been Angela, and vice-versa. And while these two claim not to be in a showmance together, there have been numerous Tangela moments on Big Brother 20 that prove this relationship is the real deal and may very well continue on once the season is over.

Since the season started back in June, both Tyler and Angela stated in their CBS intro videos that they had zero plans of being in a showmance with anyone in the house. "If I want to win, no [it’s not a good idea]," Tyler stated in his CBS intro video. Though he didn’t entirely rule the possibility out, given that Big Brother always tells you to expect the unexpected: "Anything could happen, I guess." Angela echoed his sentiments of not wanting to get into any romantic entanglements with anyone since it could prove to be a detriment to her game. "I do not want to do a showmance," she stated in her own intro video. "I think that it is so dangerous to be in a showmance … if [your partner makes] a mistake, they bring you down with them, and I’m not willing to put my game in another guy’s hands and jeopardize my game because of their decisions."

But actions speak louder than words, and based on the various interactions between these two under the Big Brother roof, it’s clear their feelings for each other are becoming more and more difficult to deny. In fact, sometimes they can’t help but act on their feelings, which is what makes these Tangela moments so special. They aren’t doing this for the show. They’re doing this in spite of the show.

1. When Tyler Asked For Her Phone Number

Just imagine how adorable they’re going to be once texting and emojis gets put into the equation.

2. When They Had A Hard Time Leaving Each Other’s Side

Check out that hand holding as well. So natural. So sweet.

3. When They Realized America’s Shipping Name For Them

And Tyler thought Tangela was perfect the way it is because it’s all her. Swoon.

4. Every Time They Snuggle/Cuddle

Which is becoming more and more often by the day.

5. When They Finally Kissed

While trying to be as coy and sneaky about it as possible.

6. When They Admitted How Much Happier They Are When They’re Together

All together now: "Awwwww!!!"

7. When Tyler Used His Veto To Pull Angela Off The Block

And their hug spoke a thousand words.

8. When They Discussed Plans For The Future

Oh yeah, they’re totally going to become a full-fledged couple after the season is over.

9. When Angela Said How Much Her Mom Is Going To Love Tyler

Sounds like he could have what it takes to be son-in-law material. Just saying!

10. When They Held Hands While Sleeping

Because even in their dreams, they can’t not be close to each other.

11. When Tyler Confessed The True Depth Of His Feelings

Methinks this could be love, my friends.

Suffice to say, Tyler and Angela have the type of chemistry that extends far beyond the realms of Big Brother. Let’s hope their relationship proves to be just as strong outside of the house than it has inside of the house.

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