These Louis Vuitton Wireless Earbuds Can Be Yours For Just $1000

Fashion mega-brand Louis Vuitton is typically synonymous with high-end purses that cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. They’re also well-known for the many accessories, clothes, and shoes that—more often than not—share their signature pattern. Such items are usually quite expensive; although considering the brand of which they’re from, that shouldn’t be too surprising. But their newest product may be a bit extra.

As revealed by Engadget this past Thursday, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with audio company Master & Dynamic to help create the first Louis Vuitton branded earbuds. Known as the Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones, these earbuds are ultra fancy upon first glance. Between the iconic LV logo and accompanying pattern, it’s hard to mistake them for another high fashion brand. Another thing that’s hard to mistake is their $995 USD price tag—which, with taxes included, is well over $1000 USD. Yes, that’s really the price of these designer earbuds.

These Louis Vuitton earbuds are not so different from a regular pair of Master & Dynamic’s earbuds because they’re based off the company’s MW07 earbuds. There are the 10mm high-performance Beryllium drivers and the promise that the user will get three and a half hours of constant playback. But with the Louis Vuitton brand earbuds, you’ll notice the famous logo and pattern, as mentioned before. The Louis Vuitton earbuds also come in three colors — black; red; and a pair of bright blue and orange that are striped. They also come in a black circular charging case that’s both sleek and functional. Other than that, there’s not much difference between them and regular earbuds from the New York City-based company that they’ve partnered with.

So if you care a lot about wearing all designer everything, buy the Louis Vuitton earbuds for almost $1000 USD before taxes. But if you don’t care or don’t see the point in buying them- but still need a pair of wireless earbuds — just buy the ordinary MW07 earbuds for $299 USD. Should you buy the latter, one thing’s for certain- your wallet will surely thank you for your wise purchase.

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