These Tweets About BTS "Boy With Luv" Performance On ‘SNL’ Are Blown Away By Their Debut

Alright, ARMY! Get ready to be blown away. BTS finally took to the Saturday Night Live stage and gave the performance of their lives. The BTS’ SNL performance of “Boy With Luv” is really impressive! Not only did the guys do an amazing job, but they looked great while doing it. With their talent, good looks, and incredible stage presence, BTS pretty much made K-Pop fans out of everyone after that SNL performance.

BTS’ episode of Saturday Night Live aired on Saturday, April 13 and even though it was their first time on the show, they did a fantastic job! The guys performed two different songs on the show, "Boy With Luv" and “Mic Drop,” but their performance of "Boy With Luv" was a really great way to introduce themselves to late-night American audiences.

In any case, BTS’ performance really captured the guys’ incredible energy as a group and showed everyone what they can do, which is great. They were definitely at the top of their game and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they gained a slew of new fans from their appearance on SNL.

Don’t believe me? Then maybe the BTS ARMY will make you a believer! According to a few fans who got tickets to the show, BTS absolutely killed it on that stage! Those lucky fans actually got to see the boys’ dress rehearsals and had so much to share with fellow ARMYs about what’s to come later in the night. Here’s what they shared:

And here’s what fans are saying about the performance as a whole:

It sounds like BTS fans are truly impressed. How exciting for BTS to have so much love and support from their fans at this moment. So much of their careers has been leading up to this moment and their incredible performance proved that they’re at the top of their game. The guys’ appeal is so far-reaching that even older generations and people you wouldn’t think would be interested in K-Pop are talking about them. Take Dr. Murray Stein, for example, whose research and writings on psychologist Carl Jung were compiled into a book called Jung’s Map of the Soul: An Introduction. That title sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It sure does and Dr. Stein addressed it on Speaking on Jung podcast back in March. Here’s what Dr. Stein said about BTS’ album and ARMY:

You should definitely give the podcast a listen when you have a chance. In any case, it’s pretty clear that BTS is impressing everyone with their skills! And now that they’ve done SNL, there’s even more reason to love them. I mean, how can you not respect them after watching a performance like that? I suspect there’ll be a lot more BTS fans on the loose now that the SNL audience has finally seen what they’re capable of!

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