This is how many times Americans think about sex a day

Americans think about sex eight times a day on average, according to new research.

A poll of 2,000 Americans looked at how frequently respondents consciously think and talk about sex typically and aimed to assess their comfort levels on the subject.

Results showed 65% of those studied felt comfortable sharing their sex lives with others — with 29% admitting to being “very comfortable” talking about their sexual life with others.

The study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Pure Romance examined the sexual attitudes and behaviors of 2,000 Americans and discovered that, on top of thinking about the deed eight times, the average American polled actually speaks about sex in some way five times a day.

It’s no wonder that thinking about sex so often would result in people talking about their own sex life with their friends and family members. But, perhaps understandably, the people Americans are most comfortable talking about their sex lives with are their partners and spouses.

Right behind significant others are best friends. A whopping three in five go to their best friends to discuss their sex lives.

But, there are reasons behind Americans talking about their sex lives so much. People are looking for advice on how to improve their sex lives. In fact, 54% have sought out sex advice.

And the top way to get sex advice to improve your bedroom behavior is discussing things with partners and significant others — with 47% revealing they get their sex advice from their significant other.

However, it’s not just the people we have sex with that help make our sex lives better. It just so happens that friends can also help. Forty-five percent of those studied revealed they have sought out sex advice from their friends.

But talking to others isn’t the only way Americans are getting advice on how to be better in bed. Forty-three percent admit to reading articles online while 32% have browsed through a sex-positive magazine to give them some tips to use in the bedroom.

And for 59% of those surveyed, sex toys are a great way to increase their sexual satisfaction.

“Speaking openly about sex is so important because there are still a lot of people who find the subject taboo. If we’re being honest about sexual desire and sexual health—even if it’s just a casual conversation with friends—we’re helping fight that stigma, one conversation at a time” said Pure Romance Founder Patty Brisben.

Unfortunately, not all sexual experiences are great. In fact, nearly half (49%) have experienced an embarrassing sex fail.

Even sex fails are up for discussion. Of those who have experienced a sex fail, 44% had to share it with someone else.

It turns out, Americans are quick to share their sexual experiences with others. One in 10 will share their most memorable sex moments with someone else as soon as the other person leaves the room.

And Americans aren’t just sharing these moments with one person. Instead, the average American goes to four different people to discuss their sexual adventures.

But where are these sex conversations occurring? It turns out, the number one place for Americans to talk about their sex lives is in private, like at someone’s house.

However, 41% are happy to chat about their sex lives over wine, while a further 39% will discuss their sexual lives over coffee or tea with friends.

“Having a trusted resource for sex-positive information is incredibly important to a person’s sexual well-being,” added Brisben.

“That’s why we’ve spent more than 25 years providing the latest sexual health information to women who want to own their desires in the bedroom…and beyond.”

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