This Morning praised for showing breastfeeding mothers on live TV

‘This Morning showing REAL female nipples’: Viewers heap praise on breastfeeding segment that sees mothers nursing their babies on live TV

  • The programme ran a breastfeeding clinic with expert Clare Byam-Cook
  • She was seen helping mothers adjust way they breastfeed in front of cameras
  • Viewers took to social media to say segment helped ‘normalise’ breastfeeding 

This Morning viewers have heaped praise on a breastfeeding segment that saw mothers nursing their babies on live TV. 

The programme ran a breastfeeding clinic with expert Clare Byam-Cook, which saw her help four mothers with some of the issues they were struggling with.

These included two mothers who were finding it difficult to get their babies to latch onto their breasts, including former Apprentice star Jessica Cunningham.

Viewers quickly took to social media to comment on the segment, which they said helped ‘normalise’ breastfeeding.

This Morning ran a breastfeeding clinic that saw expert Clare Byam-Cook (far right) helping mothers nurse their babies. Pictured is mother Tanya nursing her baby on the show 

Former Apprentice star Jessica Cunningham was seen breastfeeding baby Digby on the programme. She asked for advice about feeding her baby on the left side 

One wrote: ‘@thismorning Showing REAL female nipples for their breastfeeding clinic.

‘Those mums feature are probably too tired to comprehend how proud they should be for normalising the normal.’ 

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Another added: ‘Go you! Breaking the taboo, giving women what they need and deserve!’

Meanwhile one person commented: ‘Thank you for your breastfeeding talk today! Admirable in showing there is no shame in doing something so natural!!’ 

Viewers took to social media to praise the segment on This Morning, saying it was helping to ‘normalise’ breastfeeding 

During the segment, expert Clare was seen helping mothers to adjust the way they breastfeed in front of the cameras.

She also explained the technique she teaches mothers when breastfeeding their children, which involves shaping their breasts to match their babies mouths.

What is the NHS advice for breastfeeding mothers?  

The NHS guidance for getting your baby to latch onto your breast is as follows:  

  • Hold your baby close to you with their nose level with the nipple.
  • Wait until your baby opens their mouth really wide with their tongue down. You can encourage them to do this by gently stroking their top lip.
  • Bring your baby on to your breast.
  • Your baby will tilt their head back and come to your breast chin first. 

Remember to support your baby’s neck but not hold the back of their head. 

They should then be able to take a large mouthful of breast. Your nipple should go towards the roof of their mouth.

‘Every mother in the country is taught to line the baby nose to nipple, wait for the baby to open her mouth really wide and latch on of her own accord,’ Clare said. 

‘The trouble is lots of babies don’t open their mouths wide, or lots of mothers have flat breasts.

‘What I teach mothers to do is to make their breasts smaller, rather than expecting babies to open their mouths wider. 

‘If you don’t shape, it’s quite hard for the baby to get hold of anything.’ 

She continued: ‘I teach the mother, mouth to nipple, shape the breast, shove her on. I use that word shove because you want to get as much breast into her mouth as possible before she closes it. ‘ 

However, Clare admitted that her technique was ‘contrary’ to what other experts teach – but said it was ‘what we use to teach’.

The NHS advice for new mothers is to hold their baby close to the breast, with the baby’s nose level with the nipple. 

The guidelines then say that mother should then ‘wait until your baby opens their mouth really wide’.

This Morning’s breastfeeding clinic saw four women getting advice from expert Clare Byam-Cook about various issues they had been struggling with 

Jessica Cunningham (above) explained how she had trouble feeding baby Digby on the left side, and struggling with a blocked milk duct

Expert Clare taught Jessica a different technique to get baby Digby (pictured above on the show) to latch onto her left breast

Social media users heaped praise on the segment about breastfeeding, saying that it was ‘breaking the taboo’ 

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