This on-sale Shark steam mop sanitises dirty floors in minutes

‘Removes dirt you didn’t know was there’: This Mrs Hinch-approved Shark steam mop that sanitises dirty floors in MINUTES is on sale for under £99 at Amazon

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Steam mops are a great alternative to your traditional mop and bucket – it’s the swap you need to make if you spend hours mopping the house and want to improve your cleaning efficiency. Plus, they don’t require detergents or chemicals, killing 99.9 per cent of household bacteria using just steam.

If you want to change your cleaning routine and clean dirty floors in minutes, Amazon has a great deal for you, as today the bestselling Shark Smartronic Deluxe Klik N’ Flip Steam Mop is on sale for under £99.

Both cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch and Amazon shoppers rave about this ‘incredible’ steam mop, which has received more than 2,500 glowing reviews. Shoppers love how it ‘makes cleaning the floor so much easier’, sanitising and deep cleaning floors in no time using just steam.

This Mrs Hinch-approved Shark Smartronic Deluxe Klik N’ Flip Steam Mop that sanitises dirty floors in minutes is on sale for under £99 at Amazon

Today, the top-rated cleaning tool from Shark is reduced to just £98.99 (usually £149.99). That’s an impressive £51 discount and the lowest price we’ve seen since 2019 for the powerful cleaning tool.

Customers rave about the Shark Klik n’ Flip Smartronic Deluxe, claiming it makes cleaning tiled and laminate floors a breeze. Reviewers describe it as the ‘best steam mop’, that’s ‘so quick to clean and dries nearly instantly’, leaving floors’ sparkling clean’.

Shoppers who’ve used the steam mop to tackle dirty floors, tiles and even remove wallpaper, particularly love its super-fast heat-up time and clever flip-over cloths, which extend cleaning time. They also love its steam blaster mode that is excellent for tackling tougher stains.

‘I’m never usually lost for words about a product,’ one customer wrote in their review on Amazon. ‘There’s usually a ton of things I can find that they could do better on but this mop is just incredible.

Mrs Hinch recently shared snaps on her Instagram story of her using the Shark steam mop around her home 

‘The way it’s designed to go together and how you don’t have to touch the dirty pad, how it’s just so sleek. The adjustable heat is great if you’re working on different surfaces, and the way you can flip it over to get a blast of steam on the tough stains is superb.’

They added: ‘I thought I’d be waiting for ages in between filling it up for it to generate steam again, but it was instant. My floor has never looked cleaner. All in all, a very well thought of bit of kit! Would definitely recommend.’

‘Fantastic cleaning device,’ another reviewer wrote. ‘Floors are hygienically clean. No longer a dirty mop bucket, floors dry very quickly.’

This deluxe model of the Shark steam mop has three automatic settings: low, medium and high for consistent targeted cleaning

A third added: ‘Very effective. This steamer is so powerful it removes dirt you didn’t know was there.’

This popular model has three automatic steam settings: low, medium and high, for consistent targeted cleaning.

Plus, it comes with two double-sided microfibre pads that trap household dirt and can be easily removed at the touch of a button and popped into the washing machine. 

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