This sad wine glass shower caddy is the wake-up call women need

Ladies, it’s time to admit we have a problem.

First came the wine memes, with their cutesy, tongue-in-cheek jokes about the reasons women drink. Then it was wine merch: chic little tumblers with phrases like “Mommy juice” and “Because life” scrawled across them.

Now comes a novelty product that hints at how much wine we’re actually swilling — and that amount is way too much.

It’s a silicone wine glass holder . . . for the shower. Correct: a waterproof gizmo that adheres to bath tile so that a user’s drinking needn’t stop even during the short amount of time it takes to rinse off. The holder comes in two feminine colors — seafoam green and the pale purple “marble” — and is currently on sale for $15 at Urban Outfitters.

And here I thought “rosé all day” was just an expression.

Can we talk? Woman to woman, mom to mom? As much as I’d sometimes like to sip wine in the bathroom — and in the office, and on my commute, and most certainly during the Sunday afternoon rush at Whole Foods — this product seems like a bridge too far.

I know what you’re thinking: Why is this smug lady acting like she’s never snuck an ice-cold beer into the shower?

Look, I’m not pretending to have zero priors. But they happened just a few times in my entire adult life, and that includes college.

This wine glass holder, on the other hand, isn’t made for the occasional lapse in judgment. It’s a bathroom fixture designed for regular use.

What’s next? A Goop-endorsed IV system that delivers all-day biodynamic prosecco infusions for nonstop buzzing?

I’m afraid we need to draw the line. Sipping rosé in the shower often enough to warrant the purchase of an assistive apparatus isn’t self-care.

It’s actually kind of the opposite.

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