Tiger Woods Kicks Off Round 4 At The Memorial With Birdie

Fans of golfing legend Tiger Woods went home disappointed on Sunday after he put in a final-round 72 at the Memorial Tournament. Sunday’s even-par 72 for Woods put him on track for a 9-under total for the entire week, a relatively lackluster finish for the golf star who kicked off round 4 with an impressive birdie.

According to PGATour, Woods wasn’t feeling his best when out of the green during the tournament, and felt as if his putting in particular wasn’t up to par when juxtaposed against the competition.

“If I just putt normally, I probably would be right there with those guys and up there in the last couple of groups,” Woods said, per PGATour.“I just need to hit better putts. This week I didn’t feel comfortable with my lines and my feel was a little bit off. Consequently I missed a bunch of putts.”

Ultimately, Tiger Woods walked away Sunday tied for 23rd at 9 under. One tough three-putt shot forced Woods to finish with a Bogey, and many fans who were looking for the legendary Golfer’s classic performance were disheartened with the relatively lackluster results they received.

To climb in the rankings, Woods needed to pull off something special on the green, but that never materialized. He nonetheless appeared confident that future performances would see him surpass Sunday’s efforts, and noted that with a bit more practice he’ll be swinging for the top of the leaderboards in no time.

“I’ve just got to get more comfortable with my lines and make sure I’m consistent with my lines. But it’s just reps. As soon as I get the reps in I’ll be all right,” Woods noted to PGATour.

In the past, Tiger Woods commanded considerable worldwide fame thanks to his tremendous talents on display at golf tournaments around the globe. He began golfing at an incredibly young age as a child, and participated in the 1995 Masters when he was only 19 years old. Wood’s old golfing gear is now highly sought after around the world.

A backup Putter that Woods would have used if his famed Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS broke at the last minute, for instance, recently sold for as much as $29,000 on the internet, according to Golf Digest. Wood’s other old and backup equipment has sold for similarly staggeringly high sums in the past, too.

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