TikTok Star Charli D'Amelio's Ambitions Go Beyond Dunkin' Donuts and Morphe Collabs

The video-sharing platform TikTok has spawned many stars over the years, but none shine brighter than Charli D’Amelio. D’Amelio was a competitive dancer prior to turning to TikTok, and even though she has only been active on social media for a few years, fans of all ages know and recognize her talent.

D’Amelio has started to broaden her horizons, and recently she has announced several exciting new business ventures. Still, D’Amelio has big ambitions — and in a recent interview, she dished on what fans might expect to see from her next. 

Who is Charli D’Amelio?

D’Amelio was born in Connecticut in 2004. Raised by a father who worked in the political space and a mother who had worked as a photographer and model, D’Amelio got involved in competitive dancing when she was only a toddler.

For nearly a decade, D’Amelio trained and performed as a dancer — until, in early 2019, she turned to TikTok to start expressing herself creatively.

D’Amelio posted her first TokTok video in early 2019, but it took a few months before she really took off. By the end of the year, D’Amelio’s videos had amassed millions of views, with one of her most popular videos being a dance performance to the song “Renegade.”

She began doing meet and greets with fans, and even opened for music stars like Bebe Rexha and the Jonas Brothers. By the time 2020 rolled around, Charli D’Amelio had become one of the biggest stars on social media, all thanks to her talents at lip-syncing and dancing. 

Charli D’Amelio is one of TikTok’s biggest stars

@blakemcgrathofficial choreography to his own song!!!! @breakthefloor

As D’Amelio’s star continued to rise, her personal life started creating a great deal of interest. In January 2020, it was revealed that D’Amelio was dating another TikTok personality, Chase Hudson.

Fans loved their relationship and eagerly followed any updates on social media — still, by April, the two had broken up. D’Amelio has made it a habit to be transparent with her fans in every stage of her life and has even talked openly about her struggles with an eating disorder.

These days, D’Amelio is one of the biggest stars on TikTok, and one of the highest-earning young women on social media. Reportedly, D’Amelio brings in about $149,000 per post. Not only does D’Amelio bring in the big bucks, but her sister, Dixie D’Amelio, has joined her on TikTok, and the two frequently perform in videos together. 

What does Charli D’Amelio want to do next?

In September 2020, D’Amelio announced her exclusive collaboration with Dunkin’ Donuts, the popular coffee and breakfast chain. D’Amelio’s signature drink was dubbed “The Charli,” and consists of cold brew coffee, whole milk, and three pumps of caramel swirl.

In addition to her coffee collab, D’Amelio is set to release her first book in December. D’Amelio and her sister also recently announced an exciting new makeup collaboration with Morphe cosmetics, a sub-brand called Morphe 2. 

With all of these money-making ventures, it could be easy for D’Amelio to lose herself to fame and fortune. Still, as she revealed in a recent interview, she has ambitions beyond the world of makeup and coffee.

“I’ve been a competition dancer my entire life. I know a lot of people don’t know that I study dance outside of TikTok, but it is something that I definitely want to do more of,” D’Amelio admitted.

While she didn’t reveal any concrete plans for competing in the future, it’s clear that the young woman knows that there is more to life than hustling and making bank — and that she doesn’t intend to lose sight of what truly makes her happy. 

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