‘Timeless’ Star Annie Wersching: Emma Makes ‘Big Moves’ In ‘Mind-Blowing’ Finale

‘Timeless’ is going all out for its season 2 finale. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Annie Wersching about what fans can expect from Emma in the epic two-hour episode. Warning: she’s ‘not messing around!’

The Timeless finale, airing May 13 at 9 p.m. on NBC, is going to be an episode fans will never forget. It’s all been leading up to this! HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Annie Wersching, who plays Emma, about the season finale event. Emma has always been a wildcard, but she’s not holding back anymore. She teased that something happens at the very end that’s “just mind-blowing.” OH. MY. GOODNESS.

During the 2-hour finale, the Time Team travels back to 1863 and teams up Harrie Tubman to stop Rittenhouse’s plan to change the outcome of the Civil War. Meanwhile, in the present day, Rittenhouse will hit the team hart. The team will also travel back in time to San Francisco’s Chinatown in 1888. The Timeless finale is going to be a roller coaster! From finale scoop to girl power, we asked Annie everything! Check out our Q&A below!

Okay, I know you can’t say much, but what can you tease about the finale?
Annie Wersching: Well, the finale is so awesome and so kickass. There’s a thing at the very end that’s just mind-blowing that I think viewers are really going to freak out about. Emma in particular has a lot of stuff happening and makes a lot of big moves in the chess game of Emma’s world. There’s certainly some power shifts, and she is not messing around anymore.

After the events of the last episode Emma was in, what’s her next move?
Annie Wersching: I think Emma has certainly proven that no one can even begin to guess what her next move might be. Sometimes she is a good loyal soldier, sometimes she’s subtly pushing the right buttons to sway Nicholas’s mind about something or someone. And then, as we’ve seen, she does whatever the hell she damn well pleases. Everything that’s transpired is certainly leaning towards more of that. She’s kind of making her own decisions now and doing what she wants. We’ll see if that aligns with the Time Team’s goals or something completely on her own.

She actively went against what Nicholas wanted, could this be the beginning of the end of their partnership?
Annie Wersching: I think up until this point she has definitely been in awe of the danger and the mystery Nicholas brought. Obviously, he’s the head honcho. She knows that he’s dangerous, but she’s clearly figured out all the different ways to manipulate him or she thinks she has. She’s also seen that she can go off and do whatever she wants and still come back. I think she’s certainly getting annoyed more than anything, which I think is a dangerous quality for her to be feeling.

Timeless has showcased some really strong women, Emma included. How does it feel to be a part of a show that constantly elevates women?
Annie Wersching: I’ve always appreciated the way that Timeless elevates and highlights women, especially the present day characters and the women they meet throughout history. The episode where we went to the women’s suffrage movement was really special. To actually be the women of that time and see how they were treated and how they made a difference. To have Emma, in her backstory scene, have her directly relate to the outcome of that movement and what those women did to how it would have impacted her and her mom decades later, I was incredibly proud to have been a part of that episode. I think they’ve done a great job all along the way, but that episode was really special.

How does Emma compare to the other strong characters you’ve played in the past?
Annie Wersching: I’ve certainly played a lot of strong women. There’s something unique about Emma. I don’t know if she has a little bit more humor and snark than other women that I’ve played. She just has a lot of traits that make her super fun to play. I really, really love playing her and being on the show.

Is there a time period that you’d love to go to on the show?
Annie Wersching: We’ve already done the ’20s, but I would love to go back to the ’20s again. I really loved that 1920s episode we did last season. And then, Emma’s never gotten to go to the ’80s. I would for Emma to get to go and have big ’80s hair.

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