Tinder user convinces date to get matching tattoos BEFORE they’d even met

A woman persuaded a stranger to get a matching tattoo with her.

Kennedy, from Pennsylvania, broached the idea on Tinder.

And while the suggestion would leave most reeling, her match Chris was well up for getting a couples’ inking.

The pair spent their first date at a tattoo parlour, where they got shamrocks permanently etched into their skin.

Chris, 22, revealed details of the Tinder conversation on Twitter.

He received a message from Kennedy, which read: “Hi, let’s get a tattoo.”

Not missing a beat, the app user responded: “Hi, I’m not one to say no let’s do it.”

He then told his date she could choose what design they got inked onto their bodies.

They both opted for a minimalistic shamrock artwork, but chose to get the motif placed on different areas of the body.

Kennedy opted to get hers on her thigh, while Chris got his on his ankle.

Chris drove for two hours to meet up with his date.

After seeing each other for the first time, they got the shamrocks tattooed on.

The pair believe the spontaneous day has brought them closer together.

They are also in the process of arranging a second date.

Chris told Pretty52: “I think both of us just wanted to have a cool story and it will always bring back a cool memory of the time we were impulsive and went out and got a tattoo with a complete stranger…

“I drove two hours away just to meet up and get it done, but we’re in the works of having another date soon enough.

“Who knows if it’ll be something more spontaneous than the tattoo!”

Over the last few days, the Tinder story has swept Twitter.

Pictures of the tattoos have racked up 32,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Many said the matching inkings were a great idea, although it’s clear that most wouldn’t be brave enough to follow suit.

One responder tweeted: “You and that person are connected forever and that’s amazing.”

Another said: “I wish I was cute enough to do s*** like this.”

A third joked: “Please get married.”

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